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Vail Town Council Election 2011?  Former Vail Councilmember Farrow Hitt (photo) notified an ECT contributor this week – that Farrow is going to run again.  What the ECT knows about Farrow is he’s a Husband, Father and local Businessman/Job Creator in Vail, Colorado.

The ECT sees Farrow’s news as good news vs. former Vail Councilmember Greg Moffett’s news that Moffett running as well.  Moffet while serving years earlier on Vail Council was also serving on Eagle County’s Open Space Advisory Committee (OSAC circa 2007) during the time OSAC was busy spending millions on all those original DUMB Open Space purchases.  Remember ‘Cowboy Welfare’?  Moffett’s efforts as well as the other members of OSAC – helped coin the term at that time.

Go get ’em Farrow – ECT confident you wont waste millions of Taxpayer money!

The ECT broke the earlier story on the $61 Million Dollar Foreclosure on the Eagle County property known as the “Ritz Carlton – Bachelor Gulch“.  (Click Here)  A quick check of County Foreclosure records shows the “Currently Scheduled Sale Date” for this property is Wednesday, October 19th 2011.  We should all know much more soon!

Impatience growing in Cordillera.  Eagle County District Court Judge Fred Gannett has a bunch of MOTIONS to Rule on – in the Court case involving the Cordillera Golf Course v. Golf Course members (et al), that the ECT reported on earlier.  (Click Here)  Judge Gannett has had his docket overflowing with the Four Seasons (Vail) mega-litigation case now starting to wind down.  Insiders expect to know more about Judge Gannett’s Cordillera Case Rulings soon.

Reported this past week – Crashing the Ladies Luncheon was – Phil Onofrio, Chief Financial Officer for the Eagle County School District.  So the story goes…CFO Onofrio “just showed up” at the ladies Dusty Boot luncheon in Eagle last week and asked if he could speak in opposition to the Ladies scheduled speaker – who was reporting to the assembled group – the gory/financial details of the School Districts proposed permanent tax increase – November 2011 Ballot question (3B).

CFO Onofrio was politely advised that he was not on the ladies lunch speaker schedule and was encouraged to get on a future lunch schedule if he’d like to address the ladies during lunch!  Loss of ones lunch appetite comes to the ECT’s mind immediately.

The ECT would like to suggest to Mr. Onofrio that his (taxpayer) time would be better spent conducting some in-house School District Audits – directed at the School Districts SPENDING when our Children are not in their Classroom!


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  1. If he appeared while on job that is probably violation of Fair Campaign Practices Act and complaint should be filed with Colorado Secretary of State.

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