Lawsuit against Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy – Update

by the Fans of  Paul Drake and Della Street

In August 2011 the ECT reported on the lawsuit filed against Eagle County Sheriff – Joe Hoy – filed against him, in his official capacity as EC Sheriff.  (Click Here)

The lawsuit was filed by former Eagle County Sheriff’s Office employee – Kim Andree alleges…

– Violation of her Civil Rights

– Age Discrimination (Ms. Andree’s is over the age of 40)

– An employment “agreement” between her and Sheriff Hoy – that Hoy allegedly violated after Hoy was re-elected EC Sheriff.

Update – through Hoy’s attorneys (Josh Marks and Melanie Lewis – paid for by the Eagle County Payer) Hoy has DENIED the majority of allegations filed against him in the original lawsuit (Click Here)

So what to expect happens next?

Most likely an extensive DISCOVERY process where the documented evidence to support both sides allegations/denials will be reviewed by the competing Attorneys.

For the short term, what the overburdened Eagle County Taxpayer should know is that the County’s insurance company is involved…paying the attorneys representing Sheriff Hoy.

So, yes, overburdened Eagle County Taxpayer – in a sense – you’ve been Sued too…or at least your pocketbook has.


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