More on the EC School District’s Profligate Spending

by the Taxpayers best friend

Last Week – the ECT ran our original story about the Eagle County School District’s Spending when your Child was not in their Classroom.  The ECT presented as a matter of Public Record – a copy of the School District’s Accounts Payable register for your review.  (Click Here) to read that original story.

The ECT promised to Update the Taxpayers each week (until the November election on Ballot issue 3B).  Here is this weeks report!

Eagle County School District Expenses August 2010 (Click Here)

Some Highlights!

– $455.00   BMHS TEACHER WKSHP/CONF/TRAVEL “Math on the Planes”

– $215.71 & $159.31 COSTCO WHOLESALE MEMBERSHIP “back to school staff breakfast / GES back to school & Ice Cream Social”

– $376.60 – E-Town STAFF LUNCHEON


– $388.50 – STAFF LUNCHEON “Your personal chef, Inc.”

– $422.40 – Mileage to Conferences EVHS ACT. DANCE TEAM

– $3,500.00 – BACK TO SCHOOL RECEPTION (Marriott) Foundation General Expenses

– $20,639.94 –$3,740.05 – $9,770.99 –  $9,923.08 – $20,663.29 – $7,402.06 – $2,115.27 – $40,062.37  Xerox Corporation – “Copier Rental”  What is the ECSD doing spending $114,000.00 for one month August 2010?  Are your Children in Public School in August?

–  $226.52 – INK FOR POSTAGE MACHINE – “Complete Mailing Solutions”

– $596.00 – BLANKET PO FOR WEED SPRAY – “Eagle County Weed & Pest”

– $2,597.22 – JACKETS FOR AD TEAM  “Say No More Promotions”

– $4,015.23 – ASSOCATION FOR SUP. OF CURRICULUM DEV. ‘Formative Assessment Strategies’

– $2,751.67 – SALT DOGG SPREADER – Crosby Equipment

– $23,370.75 – CENTURYLINK – one months (August 2010) long distance and WAN/LAN communication – Why so high, are your Children in School in August?


3 responses

  1. The school bond does NOT guarantee teacher funding, or in-classroom money for your child.

    Why should you care?

    Well…here is Denver taxpayers latest experience with fancy words-

    “1B of the Better Denver 1B bonds titled “The Better Denver Program” is improving some of the infrastructure that helps to make our City healthier by providing a vital “hand up” to those in need. Many of Denver’s low-income child care facilities had outdated heating, plumbing, and electrical systems, several of these facilities have now been renovated and improved through Better Denver Bond funding… ”

    Sounds good right? Help people for a cost of $48.6 million?


    Not so fast….

    HERE is what they are doing with that tax bond money

    9/28/2011- The Denver Human Services office is slated to close this week and reopen Monday in a new facility. The office is moving to a new building, constructed with Better Denver bond funding,

    (AND) *** The (new) Denver Human Services NOW will be able to offer new services such as:
    Child support, Medicaid assistance, Housing and eviction assistance, Child welfare and youth services and Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. (TANF- aka welfare)

    BTW- we ALL pay for those Federal Public assistance (welfare) services they will now offer —

  2. Thats because the Finance guy at the District hired his Denver friend at a higher price and dropped the lower priced local company. The local gossip is that the local company had the lower bid but the finance guy had a “friend” that received the higher vote. Perhaps you should request the bid docs and see for yourself.

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