School Tax Ballot Issue 3B? Just the Facts, Ma’am!

by the fans of Sgt. Joe Friday

Just the facts, Ma’am!

FACT: Our Eagle County School District has the Eagle County Property Taxpayer on the hook for $230 Million dollars in existing long term School Bond debt, after these three Bond issues were approved by County voters.  ($68.7 Million 1999 – $33.8 Million 2005 – $128.3 Million 2007).

The Property Tax bill you paid over the last two billing cycles (Spring 2010 & Spring 2011) has NEVER been higher in Eagle County, Colorado.  Isn’t it about time the Eagle County Taxpayers – deserve a break from more Debt and Taxation?

The EC School District sometimes floats a number of ~$8,802.73 as the annual taxpayer cost to educate one student. Rarely (if ever) will the School District publicly admit that the actual funding per Student is ~$11,325.07 per year when the debt service of our existing School Bond debt/obligation is added to their total cost per Student.  (Click Here – Microsoft Excel file)

The current Eagle County Mill Levy that funds Education is 19.474 Mills.  If your home is worth $500k you paid ($500k times 0.0019474 = $973.70 for Education in each of the last two years!  When 3B is defeated by County Voters this November 1st – your existing Education Mill Levy remains – and (rest assured) you will continue to fund Education because of the existing Mill Levy.  Don’t worry, your conscience will be clear, you and your family are still paying taxes to support Education every year.  If your property (at some future date) is valued at more than $500k, your existing Mill Levy will Guarantee you’ll pay more for Education at that time.

If you’re a renter and you believe that the Permanent Property Tax increase mandated by Ballot question 3B won’t affect you – Sgt. Friday here suggests you go talk to your landlord – who will be paying that larger tax bill.  Ask about your next years monthly rent.

Our TEACHERS; are Eagle County’s most important Educational Asset. Nothing, repeat NOTHING in the 2011 Ballot Language GUARANTEES that any of the proposed 3B revenue increase will go directly into paying our Teachers any more money!  Proof?  (Click Here) to read the EC School Districts 2011 Ballot Language.

The has exposed (and will continue to expose – Click Here) the profligate spending by the Eagle County School District  – for items that do not involve “in-classroom” expenses.  Why does the District need more of your money spent on items – not directly related to your Child’s “in-classroom” education?

FACT:  There is nothing to legally stop the School Board from asking Voters for another Bond issue or another Property Tax increase – at any time in the future!  How do you think we got so much bond debt debt in the first place?

It’s time to hold to account our School District Board and Elected School Board to account for our Children’s Education?  Constantly throwing our Taxpayer money at this issue is not the answer – our elected representatives in Congress have already proven that, now haven’t they?

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  1. Taxpayers are also on the hook for the $7.5 million in Certificates of Participation used to remodel the old BMHS. I remember how the elected school board members didn’t ask to borrow the money, they just went behind our backs and got a series of one year loans, completely bypassing TABOR.

    What our school board fails to realize is how many Eagle County citizens are struggling to find employment, how many homes are in, or will be going in to foreclosure, flat wages, high food and gas prices. Recently, a letter was written to the editor in the “Fishwrap”, and this gentleman said we “must find a way” to afford higher taxes. Does he honestly think that if we vote for higher taxes in this weak economy, it won’t affect consumer spending even more and not take a harder toll on local businesses? I’m to believe the slogans of 3B: “Secure Our Future, Invest(spend more) In Our Community Protect Our Schools” when this measure doesn’t present a fiscally responsible plan as to how the $6 million will be used to improve education. I’m with you ECT, 3B isn’t for the kids or the teachers. Sadly though, our teachers, who I have the utmost respect for will be the ones to suffer when 3B fails, and it will.

  2. First correct Mr. Kersey, that “series of one year loans to avoid asking taxpayers for a tax increase” is NOT included in the taxpayer Bond loan debt per student per year of $2,542.00. Per the schools the Actual total cost to educate per child per year is: $17,175.00.

    Is that high enough –yet?

    Second: read “Pay going up for Eagle County teachers” ’08-09
    …., the new base pay for teachers will be one of the highest starting salaries for public schools in the state, second only to Aspen…

    That second highest starting teacher pay has produced; this. (Hint failing students? – a 100% score on the ACT is 36.0)

    Eagle County College admittance ACT test score-2011

    2011 Eagle Valley High School ACT results 19.1 Composite score
    2011 Battle Mountain High School ACT results 19.1 Composite score

    2011 United States National Average ACT results 21.1 Composite score

    And: Sept 8, 2011 – ( Denver Post )

    “Sales of Colorado mountain-resort homes in July lowest in years – July sales in Pitkin, Eagle, Summit, Routt and San Miguel counties were the lowest in years”

    Read more:

    And per the 2011 State / Eagle County Tax Rates “The median property tax in Eagle County, Colorado is $1,845.00 per year”

    -Here’s our “Fat Cats” in Happy Valley-


    FORECLOSURE Sale 7/6/2011 Vail Home
    original loan $2,890,739.70
    *** foreclosure sale, sold for $1,458,718.00

    original property owner still owes deficiency of $1,432,021.70


    FORECLOSURE Sale 7/20/2011 Brush Creek Home
    original loan $1,579,582.02
    *** foreclosure sale, sold for[/size] $825,000.00

    original property owner still owes deficiency of $754,582.02


    FORECLOSURE Sale 7/6/2011 Vail Home
    original loan $2,890,739.70
    foreclosure sale, sold for $1,458,718.00
    ***original property owner still owes deficiency of $1,432,021.70

    When our schools obtain not just one, but three, personnel hotel stays at the Brown Palace Hotel in 2011 –I think they have plenty of money now…in fact, while reading in ECT’s what else they like to buy on our money-they have TOO MUCH money now. far too much and far more discretionary cash than the taxpayer for sure.

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