Ballot Issue 3B – How Aware are Average Eagle County Voters?

By the fans of Scott Rasmussen

The Eagle County School District has a Ballot issue 3B – that they want you to vote for.  The result of a “yes” vote will be a permanent Property Tax Increase.

Do you believe our School Districts Administration is paid a REASONABLE AMOUNT?

The ECT believes local voters should know how much Annual Salary – these School Administrators are currently PAID by the Eagle County Property Tax Payer – BEFORE you vote to hand over more of YOUR money to them!

(Click Here)

For the list of Annual Salaries for the Eagle County School District Administrators.  Keep in mind these Administrators are paid by the Taxpayer – they work – for you Mr. & Mrs. Taxpayer!

A reasonable question for this Election Season – “just how aware is the average Eagle County voter?”  Still think the proposed Property Tax increases known as 3B and 5A have no chance of passing?

Consider some facts:  November 2008 – Obama vs. McCain.  Obama won in Eagle County 62% to 38% arguably by a landslide.

If County voters knew then – what they know now (County Home Foreclosures, loss of real property values, Trillions more in long term debt, rampant job loss) what do you think the election results might have been?

Question #2 –

What issues is the average Daily Fishwrap reader (a.k.a. Vail Daily) most concerned with?  Job’s Loss?  Property Taxes?  Trillions in more long term debt, heaped on their children, Our County’s Home Foreclosure rate? County Citizens’ standing in line to get food to feed their families?  (Note: this screen shot of the Fishwrap’s “most recommended” stories taken from the Fishwrap just last week)

Exhibit A – Recent letter to the Fishwrap’s ‘Editor-Half-the-Story’

A lady from Eagle, is obviously unhappy with the GOP now in control of the U.S. House of Representatives.  (Click Here) if you want to see her letter.  This lady allegedly concerned about the GOP’s (lack of support) for Obama’s Job’s bill.  A quote from her letter.

“Just remember you smug, arrogant Republicans: We put you in Congress, and we can vote you out.”

CONSIDER:  Does this lady have any clue what is happing in her own backyard, Eagle County?  Our current home foreclosure numbers? (437 YTD 10OCT)  Our neighbors loosing their jobs which is driving this rampant Foreclosure Rate now in its third year.  Is she aware of the FOOD LINES (Click Here) now in Eagle County with folks just trying to get enough food to feed their families?

IS THIS LADY AWARE:  That two weeks ago Monday, her liberal democrat County Commissioners floated down the Colorado River in a Raft (on the taxpayers time & dime – Click Here) allegedly to review future proposed sites for Open Space purchases?  The ECT understands Commissioner Stavney even had time to do a little Fly Fishing as well.  Political Outrage?  Does anyone know what our County Commissioners are doing – to try to help our local employment situation?

The ECT’s Point:  This woman obviously has NO CLUE what is happening in her own Community, and the extent to which all three liberal Democrat County Commissioners are willing to IGNORE the economic conditions around them.  Her partisan perspective seems to have blinded her from what is happening here at home.  ECT caught wondering how this woman finds her way to work in the morning…or perhaps her letter was EMailed from her busy protest ‘working’ on Wall Street – last week!


So as usual the ECT makes our point.  Do the average voters in Eagle County have any clue what is happening around them?  Still think Ballot Issue – 3B and 5A doesn’t have a chance?

ECT reports – You decide.


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