Disingenuous Diatribe? Local Charlie Wick weighed in on Ballot Issue 3B – ECT rebuts!

by – We’re calling you on it, Mr. Wick!

Last week – long time Eagle County local – Charlie Wick weighed in (for higher taxes) on the proposed Permanent Property Tax increase – ballot issue 3B.

Mr. Wick’s letter (Click Here) begins…”I am a pragmatic realist and fiscal conservative”.

Somehow Mr. Wick’s (vote ‘yes’ on 3B) letter (forgot?) to mention that Mr. Wick is the husband of – Eagle Valley Elementary School Teacher – Mrs. Carol Wick (carol.wick-at-eagleschools.net).  The ECT believes Mrs. Wick is a very nice person, and believes Mrs. Wick is also an excellent teacher.  Does the Wick family have a personal financial interest in the outcome of this Tax INcrease vote?  You decide.

Mr. Wick’s letter continues: “…local public school budget. We do not have a spending problem. We have a revenue problem.”

FACT:  The EagleCountyTimes.Com – has and will continue to expose HIGHLY QUESTIONABLE spending by our School District – Spending documented by the School District’s own A/P check register (Click Here)

More from Mr. Wick’s letter:  “As one woman told me, “People will not move here and buy homes here just because of the schools, but families certainly won’t move here or want to live here if the schools are not in good shape.”

FACT: Mr. Wick and “woman”, families are not moving into Eagle County now because our Community is not producing any new JOBS for the children’s parents.  This lack of any new full-time ‘non-seasonal’ jobs is what is driving our Communities out of control home Foreclosure rate, Mr. Wick.

Mr. Wick’s confused allegation:  “ALL current district employees have had reduced wages and are paying increased costs for their benefits.”

FACT:  Eagle County School District Superintendent – Dr. Sandra Smyser – did not receive a reduction in her ($192,384.74/yr) salary – she was handed her $10,000+ bonus last year – then proceeded directly after that – to cut 40 jobs, 30 of which were our School Teachers! (Click Here, Mr. Wick).

Mr. Wick – the ECT could go on, and on about your recent letter.

The ECT would like to suggest to Mr. Wick (and others who believe we need higher taxes) you ARE FREE at any time to send your PERSONAL CHECK to:

Eagle County School District

P.O. Box 740

Eagle, Colorado  81631

In the mean time Mr. Wick, please try to be just a little less disingenuous (and more factual) in your next letter to the Daily Fishwrap.

ECT readers know Editor-Half-the-Story over at the Fishwrap won’t call you on this, Mr. Wick – however the ECT can and will…Just ask Mr. Chris Romer!  (Click Here) Mr. Wick…


4 responses

  1. Mr. Wick isn’t alone in giving the “Appearance of Impropriety:” as a “steward to the public.” Take a Sneak Peek at our letter-writing but failing to disclose teachers below here!

    Maybe they need to review their “Code of Ethics for Educators” per The Association of American Educators (AAE)

    – The professional educator acts with conscientious effort to exemplify the highest ethical standards.
    – Public Funds and Property – An educator entrusted with public funds and property shall honor that trust with a high level of honesty, accuracy, and responsibility.
    – Professional Conduct – An educator shall demonstrate conduct that follows generally recognized professional standards and preserves the dignity and integrity of the teaching profession.
    – The professional educator manifests a positive and active role in school/community relations. http://www.aaeteachers.org/

    What are these letter-writing educators (below) teaching your children by example? (ACTIONS SPEAK LOUDER THAN WORDS)

    Here is three yes on 3B Vail Daily letter writers this week–(they gave you their reasons for saying yes to the Bad 3B… but left their employer info out! Ethical? Hmmm….)

    1) Audrey Frey – letter to VD October 2011
    Department: Edwards Elementary – EES
    E-mail: audrey.frey@eagleschools.net

    2) Ann Constien – letter to VD October 2011
    Language Arts- RCHS
    E-mail: ann.constien@eagleschools.net

    3) Heather Marner (the school teacher who said she will give up one purchase a month of her Starbucks coffee – )

    Heather Marner – letter to VD October 2011
    Gypsum Elementary – GES
    E-mail: heather.marner@eagleschools.net

    Likely this may well be number 4 Yes on the Bad 3B writer–

    4) ? Marvin Franklin of Gypsum– is his wife is Bonnie Franklin?
    Only Franklin’s listed in Gypsum are “Marvin & Bonnie Franklin”

    Bonnie Franklin
    Department: Eagle Valley High – EVHS
    E-mail: bonnie.franklin@eagleschools.net


  2. Mr. Wick, if you consider yourself to be “fiscally conservative”, then perhaps you should look at just how transparently irresponsible ECS is with taxpayer dollars. I’ve taken the time to research the first 3 months of ECS spending just on taxpayer Visa cards alone, here’s what I found: JAN – MAR: ECS spending at
    City Market = $11,091.38
    Village Market = $1350.55
    Columbine Market = $1141.31
    Safeway =$260.49
    Select Supermarket(?) = $23.22

    JAN – MAR: ECS spending on restaurants, including local, out of town and state, i.e.
    Dusty Boot, Beaver Creek Chophouse, Maredy Candy Co, PF Changs, Bar Louie, Dave&Busters,Jackson Bistro,Rittenhouse,Naked Fish&Sushi Lounge,Oskar Blues Liquids&Solids,Hard Rock Cafe, Thai Thani(Tampa), Cheesecake San Francisco, etc. equalled out to be $12,592.60.

    JAN-MAR: ECS spending on
    hotels= including Americinn in Eagle,Residence Inn in Glenwood Springs, Glenwood Hot Springs Lodge,Hard Rock Hotel,Brown Palace,PARC55-Wyndam San Francisco,Marriott downtown NYC 2/27-2/28 = $1117.37 for two rooms, Hyatt, Westin, Opryland Hotel, etc. equalled out to be $19,047.54.

    JAN-MAR: ECS spending on miscellaneous items such as taxi service in downtown New York, rental cars, parking at Beaver Creek,airports and downtown Denver,purchases made at the Flower Cart,City Floral,Vintage Magnolia, etc. equalled out to be $3305.69.

    It’s all there for your viewing Mr.Wick, look it up! If you can see through the smoke, you’ll see just how transparently ridiculous ECS really is. That money could have been used towards new computers, books or even a couple of full time teachers! You want to compare the district to an airliner that needs to stay afloat by the taxpayers? Don’t blame the taxpayers when “the plane” crashes Mr. Wick. WE are not the ones who spiraled the airliner out of control. Why would the school board borrow a series of loans ($7.5 million)to remodel the old BMHS when they knew what direction the economy was heading in? Was that fiscally responsible to borrow that money and then threaten to close schools if 3B doesn’t pass? I see where the problem lies Mr Wick, don’t you?

  3. Really Mr. Franklin? “ad hominem argument” – short for argumentum ad hominem, is an attempt to negate the truth of a claim by pointing out a negative characteristic or belief of the person supporting it?

    Careful with the use of ad hominem (Latin) -meaning “if you can attribute a bad trait to your opponent, others will tend to doubt the quality of their arguments.”

    I am reading numerous letters attacking the people who say No on 3B in the VD–and again those writers are not stating they are proud to be a school district employee..or spouse thereof.

    Why not? Normally they say who they are. Why not say so on this issue?

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