Finally – some Happy News this week!

by Fans of a Good Meal –

The now currently homeless (the mid…Valley Friday Afternoon Club) can look forward to the re-opening of Zacca Za (actually its new name is – Castle Peak Grille) later this October!  Their goal is to be open by Wednesday, October 19th.  With Paddy’s and Zacca currently closed the mid-valley FAC folks have been wondering just where to go!

Yeah!  Hurray for our new Castle Peak Grille!  In fact the ECT will even give you a ‘sneak-peak’ of what their new Menu will look like!  (Click Here)

If you want more information (perhaps?) looking for a job? – You can contact the nice folks at Castle Peak by EMailing –   ThreeCrowns970-at-Gmail.Com

Apple iPhone Fans!

Steve Jobs may have gone on to his final reward last week – buy his legacy lives on.  If you have a current model iPhone, iPad or iPod you can expect to download (for free) Steve’s latest software update this coming Wednesday, October 12th.  Use your iTunes program to download the new (IOS v5.0) software – then inject it into your Apple device.  200 New Features to play with on your iPhone.  Yes, make a backup of your Apple device before you inject the new software.  Figure it will take 20-40 minutes to complete after you start the upgrade – once you start the upgrade – DON’T interrupt the process!


2 responses

  1. Pingback: How do I transfer my Itunes program to another computer? I mean my playlists and songs etc.?

    • the short answer is….
      It’s tricky.

      You have to copy the iTunes directory AND your iTunes files under USERS (you’re a PC user, right) from (your old?) computer to your (new?) computer.
      First you have to make sure that iTunes has been pre-loaded on your new computer.

      It’s tricky. IT CAN BE DONE. Apple made it that way – because they’re trying to stop the kids from sharing music files.

      If you have 500+ (purchased songs?) best to get some professional IT help, to help you do this.

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