From the Street – California Dreamin’?

by  Denny Doherty, Momma Cass Elliott, John and Michelle Phillips

Waking up this past Saturday made the ECT folks feel like you’re living in Colorado with an early October snow coming down hard.

Of course a quick look-see of Saturday’s letters to the Editor over at the Fishwrap – made the ECT feel like we’re all living in California.  There in the letters to the Fishwrap – our own President of a local Public Sector Union (Firefighters) advising the rest of us we need to vote for his Property Tax increase Ballot issue 5A.  Now all we need to complete this California stylized Tax-Cabal is a another nice letter from the President of our local Teachers Union advising us we all need to support our local Teachers – by voting ‘yes’ for the Permanent Property Tax increase known as ballot issue 3B.

California Dreamin’?  More like California nightmare. Gee…Isn’t raising taxes in a downturn economy – a sure fire way to improve things?  Let’s keep demanding more from local folks who have already lost their jobs – subsequently their homes to foreclosure – by demanding more taxes from these families!  If the ECT folks wanted to sing Kumbaya and drink Kool-Aid with Nancy Pelosi – we’d move to California – instead of trying to turn Colorado into California.  Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, anyone?

Really, just what is wrong with these people?  Oh yeah, they’re on the receiving end of you paying more in Property Taxes, right?  Gee, it’s really all about “our community” in the end, isn’t it – Gee…not about “how these tax increases effect me”, right folks?


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