What the Proponents of 3B – Hope you Overlook!

by Clayton Moore

What the Proponents of Ballot issue 3B are telling you…

“What they’re NOT Telling YOU!”

Chris Jarnot, SVP & COO, Vail Mountain, Vail Resorts – (forgot?) to mention, Catherine Jarnot – works for the Eagle County School District – as the Principal of the Eagle Valley Middle School for $84,513.00/year (Click Here)"

We Value Community"  "We Value Family"

The ECT willing to share these photos from a Food Line in Edwards – just last week!  Click On the Photo’s to Enlarge them!

Families Standing in Line in Edwards to get Food because of Eagle County’s rampant Unemployment

Unemployment that has led to 437 Eagle County Home Forecloses Year to Date

The Proponents of 3B are also willing to ignore the FACT that Eagle County Taxpayers are on the hook for $230 Million Dollars of long term School Bond Debt (Click Here)

They’re also willing to ignore the FACT the current Educational Mill Levy you pay today is 19.474 and and you will continue to pay that after 3B is defeated!

Isn’t it time Eagle County Voter – to ask yourself – what YOU"RE willing to overlook – in your Community?

Is constantly RAISING TAXES in our Community – going to address the problems facing our Community today?

Just exactly WHAT are these 3 – Vail Resorts Employees (Garnsey, Williams, Jarnot) THINKING?

"We Value Community" "We Value Family"

Is that the mantra these 3 Vail Resorts Employees were singing – when Vail Resorts moved their Corporate HQ’s (and jobs) from Avon to Broomfield? (Summer 2006 – Click Here)

6 responses

  1. The answers for one letter writer who thinks (thought?) 3B will fund teachers and students in classrooms – her reasons have a star by them October 3, 2011

    * Support our students — (Answer) Nope, no increased tax money going there
    * Support our teachers – (Answer) Nope, no increased tax money going there
    * Support our future —– (Answer) YEP! By a yes vote, you all support increased pay for school district administration!

  2. I continue to find great irony in a mask man revealing the secret motives of others!
    Cathy Jarnot is Chris Jarnot’s sister not his wife. But here is a juicier tidbit, Chris’s dad was a respected teacher for many years at Battle Mountain High School prior to retiring (it wouldn’t have taken a super hero to have gotten these facts). It seems that in your view, people like Chris Jaront, Charlie Wick, or myself (proud husband of a teacher) being related to an educator or worse yet married to one proves we’re devoid of rational thought or good motives; motivated purely by financial self interests.
    While I disagree with your conservative perspective, I choose to presume they’re the result of your life long experiences and principles and not a self serving attempt to sell ads; please afford people like Chris, Charlie, and me the same courtesy.
    Continue to make your argument and vote no if you believe we can’t afford what the school district is asking for; make your argument and vote no if you believe the school district doesn’t deserve more. But there are those who believe giving a little more for something so valuable is a good idea regardless of who we’re related or married to.

    Marvin Franklin

  3. Although I’m a big fan of the ECT you are starting to lose me on this one and I’m a little disappointed at the semi-related-at-best tidbits you are tossing out there to try and prove your 3B position – I thought you were above that type of journalism. It’s shockingly transparent and has actually made me consider the other side more – tactics like “look at the superintendents salary!” (which is quite average for a superintendents salary) or “look at the people endorsing this – remember that their company HQ moved to Denver! (weak attempt to discredit by trying to dust off old issues)… and many more. Come on guys – there are plenty of reasons to vote for this, and plenty of reasons not to – I haven’t heard much of it discussed here and your credibility is waning.

    • Part of what the ECT does here – is report information that the Daily Fishwrap just wont.
      How you use that information is up to you.
      3B? ECT folks just finished the new sort of ECSD Salary information.
      Sort done from who at the district is paid the most…down to the least.

      3B? How much i$ enough?
      It’s all about Education and the kids, right?

  4. The ECT is doing what they do best, “dig deeper– ”

    This time it is about schools-being poor they say in the effort to get more money…looking at wages is a good judgement on actual poverty. No one has begrudged Dr. Smyser her pay, she is good, she has earned it..
    (Well, no one except the teachers association-now THAT is a whopper!)
    Titled “Schools chief won’t share pain” by Tanya Caruso

    Given Colorado’s miserable outlook on education funding now and in the near future, and the difficult financial time in Eagle County when people are losing benefits, are under-employed, and losing their jobs, we are dismayed and deeply disappointed that our superintendent has chosen to accept a hefty bonus and a corresponding pay increase.

    Our negotiating team, comprised of teachers and administration, including Superintendent Sandra Smyser, was charged with cutting $4 million from our school district’s budget for next year.

    Through a collaborative process, we accomplished that goal with the idea that everyone would make sacrifices and everyone would feel some pain in order to cause as little disruption and negative impact as possible to our students. Below are some of the many sacrifices being made.

    • Staffing will be reduced districtwide by approximately 50 full-time equivalent positions for the upcoming 2010-11 school year.

    • Major cuts in career longevity and PERA affecting 110-140 retired employees will be realized.

    • Salaries for new hires to the district will be reduced approximately 2 percent.

    • Supplemental pay for coaching and additional sponsorship duties will be reduced by approximately 2 percent.

    • Master and mentor stipends will be reduced by 10 percent for the 2010-11 school year.

    Among the painful pieces of our negotiated agreement was a reduction of employee bonus pay. Teachers now have a maximum bonus earning potential of 4 percent (although 2 percent is more likely), down from the previous year’s maximum of 8 percent, along with a pay freeze.

    Dr. Smyser, however, accepted a large 7.25 percent bonus, including 20 percent of that bonus as a salary increase.

    Eagle County School District employees have an opportunity for a 4 percent bonus; Dr. Smyser receives a 7.25 percent guaranteed bonus. Employees have a pay freeze; Dr. Smyser has a salary increase.

    Surprisingly, the leader of our school system is not “taking one with the team.”

    The current turn of events is particularly disheartening. We, the Eagle County Education Association, have spent a huge amount of time and energy developing what we considered to be an excellent working relationship with the district administration. Five years of relationship building is in jeopardy.

    Leaders in other districts such as Cherry Creek, Jefferson County, Boulder, and Summit counties all have demonstrated loyalty to their district employees and are leading by example because they have forgone their bonuses and/or pay increases.

    Our superintendent’s actions show a lack of solidarity with her employees, which frankly, is insulting. These actions do not send a positive message to the employees of Eagle County Schools.

    Tanya Caruso is the president of the Eagle County Education Association.


  5. Perhaps it’s time for parents to shoulder some of the burden. I send my kids to private school. I have to pay for everything including a public education on the side. Maybe it’s time for all parents to step up and foot some of the bill. Shoulder some of the respossibility for your own kids. Our society has too much entitlement to survive!

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