Assisting Commissioner Stavney

By Clayton Moore

Recently Eagle County Commissioner Jon Stavney (D) submitted a column that was printed in the Daily Fishwrap.  (Click Here)

ECT is happy to end the confusion caused by Mr. Stavney’s current ‘vision’ of Eagle County.  Commissioner, let’s start with BoCC = Board of County Commissioners – you now Chair.

Commissioner Stavney’s column central topic/concern was centered on ‘Workforce Housing’.

Commissioner, today Eagle County doesn’t have any Housing problem we have a – Job Loss problem – that is driving families from their homes – the County’s current Foreclosure Rate at 461 – YTD (Click Here).  Just like your own term in office Commissioner, Eagle County is in its 3rd year of rampant Home Foreclosure.  For the 3rd year since you were elected Commissioner, the Job Loss/Foreclosure rate has hit families hardest in your own family’s neighborhood Commissioner, our Eagle-Gypsum community.  Many families hurt are from former construction related jobs (roofers, electricians, framers, plumbers, painters…) that have been put “out of business” [in part] because of the severe construction restrictions the BoCC has imposed in Eagle County.

Imagine if you can Commissioner – the ‘thrill and excitement’ local families facing Foreclosure felt when they saw you and the other Commissioners hire Mr. Toby Sprunk as the County’s new Open Space Director for ($100,00.00/yr + benefits).  Just ONE public sector job created and paid for by our Taxes – at $100k per year.

What of our County’s latest overpaid Bureaucrat?  Time to wake up Commissioner – our County doesn’t have an Open Space problem.  Was Director Sprunk in charge of financial matters at Solyndra – before you hired him?  Did Director Sprunk arrive with, or did the BoCC just hand him a taxpayer-funded ‘Golden Parachute’?

A bit more on County Job Creation, Commissioner – The ECT is always happy to assist/see the Public Sector working with our Private Sector to promote local commerce and any new jobs.

Unfortunately the direction the BoCC has taken – was a legislative path – that violated Federal Drug law (Click Here) – when the BoCC changed County Zoning requirements – as it relates to the location of so-called ‘medical marijuana dispensaries’.  Now Zoned/Allowed closer to our Schools – then ever before.

Simply put Commissioner Stavney – the existence of MMJ dispensaries anywhere in Colorado is a violation of Federal Drug law.  Period.

The Proof.  The Denver Post just ran a current story (Click Here) about the fact that the U.S. Attorney for Colorado (John Walsh) reportedly arrested and jailed (under Federal Law – without bail) individuals in Denver that owned and operated a MMJ dispensary.  The U.S. Attorney for Colorado enforces Federal Law, Commissioner.  Vis-a-Vis, Commissioner – Colorado’s Attorney General (John Suthers (R)) efforts, are focused on enforcing Colorado State Law.

Every Reasonable Person knows, Commissioner Stavney, that the BoCC you currently Chair isn’t 100% responsible for the current sad State of Eagle County’s economy – nor should the BoCC be expected to be 100% responsible to fix it.  (Photo Credit – Zach

What reasonable citizens expect Commissioner is a more ‘aware’ response – than watching the BoCC float down the Colorado River (while you did a little fly fishing) on the Taxpayers Time and Dime.  How is spending Millions more on Open Space purchases going help local families – now facing their homes likely Foreclosure?  How many Eagle County Jobs were “Created or Saved” when our BoCC floated down the Colorado River during your so called – officially scheduled ‘BoCC Work Session’ a couple of Monday’s ago?  Why does the County taxpayer need to spend $100.000/yr for a new Bureaucrat to hand over Millions more of our Tax money to already wealthy County landowners – in no danger of their own families home Foreclosure?

ECT readers will remember Commissioner Stavney – you have to run for re-election – November 2012 to keep YOUR job…

Something to think about Commissioner – while fly fishing on your next float trip – on the Eagle County Taxpayers, time and dime…

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