Eagle County School District – All Salaries now Online!

by  Clayton Moore and the Fans of Sgt. Joe Friday –

The Eagle County School District Employees (Teachers and Administration) are paid by you Mr. and Mrs. Eagle County Property Taxpayer.  In that context, Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer – here is the COMPLETE current public record list of ‘your 948 School District employees’ – organized from top to bottom with the highest Salaries on top, smallest at the bottom.  The EagleCountyTimes.Com only asks that you the voter consider this information when voting to support (or not?) the Permanent Property Tax increase known as Ballot issue 3B One wonders just how (the top employees) get by on such meager salaries – in our currently tough Eagle County economy.

Per this list – current School District employees number (~948 likely?) yes votes on 3B.  Now add in (~50% of that total for their spouses) and some retired School District employees and of course public school parents who believe “everyone should pay more taxes – to educate my kids”.  With that in mind – it’s easy to see how the School District got (3) different School Bond ballot issues passed by EC Voters in the last decade.

The total School District Bond issue(s) you’re currently responsible to pay – totals $230 Million – (Click Here)

Also – the ECT folks have gone to the trouble to show you – (they’re highlighted in BOLD) – the names of the employees who have been publically endorsing (higher taxes – pro – 3B – in U.S. Mailings) you’ve been receiving.  Many of the names of folks endorsing your ‘yes’ vote on 3B – get their PAYCHECK from the School District.  Imagine that.

(Click Here)

-for a complete copy of that School Salary list.  EMail our Web Site address [ EagleCountyTimes.Com ] to other Taxpayers you believe would like a look-see at the School District’s PAYROLL as well.

What?  You thought the Daily Fishwrap was going to inform you the EC Taxpayer of this public record information?

The ECT quite sure Mrs. Louise Funk (and her pals) at the Daily Fishwrap would prefer you NOT have this information – before you vote.  Proof?  Why isn’t this public record information available on Mrs. Funks “pro-3B” web site?  Or published in the Daily Fishwrap?

The ECT reports – you decide.

18 responses

  1. I agree Tanya– too bad the teachers are guaranteed to get nothing and the district czars will continue life as usual-on our dime.

  2. Speaking of having ECS/ permanent tax hike proponents on the defensive …

    “Schools spend funds well” by Louise Funk

    (MY ANSWER) Yes, “Schools sure manage to spend our money very well indeed!”

    (FUNK) ‘Or maybe it has to do with giving dinner to the Board of Education the days they come for board meetings that start at 3 p.m. with a work session, then go into executive session and then start the regular meeting at 6 p.m. that usually goes until 10.’

    (MY ANSWER) The school board needs to bring food to eat on their dinner break like most of us do, or bring snacks. EC schools are in a budget crisis! They keep saying we are, and every little bit of savings helps. They chose to serve, and their volunteer position doesn’t have a free dinner/hotels union clause.

    (FUNK) ‘Maybe it has to do with the purchase card used at the Brown Palace, where Mitch Forsberg was honored as Elementary School Principal of the Year in the state of Colorado. But then the mountain pass was closed and he couldn’t return to the Vail Valley, so he stayed an extra night at the event hotel, which offered the event guests a special rate.’

    (MY ANSWER) Does this below sound like responsible spending to you all? It does not to me.

    1) Brown Palace Hotel 321 17th St, Denver, Colorado 80202
    Room cost, taxpayer-paid charge, Mr. Forsberg, $334.26

    2) Comfort Inn hotel 401 17th St, Denver, Colorado 80202
    Cost for one adult $159.00

    Per Mappquest – estimated time from Brown Palace to Comfort Inn is ->
    1 minute.


    (FUNK) ‘So folks let’s not nit pick about these items you’re seeing on a website’

    (MY ANSWER) Being worried about losing our own homes to accommodate another property tax increase (for the biggest user of taxes now – our schools) is nit-picking?

    I am GRATEFUL for this website with its direct links to the Facts from the Schools–facts that cannot be hidden from taxpayers.

  3. Keep in mind that these salaries do not include the generous benefits package which includes health, vision, dental and retirement.

  4. Well looking at the salaries at the top and how much some of the old timers get paid, I think I am just not going to work as hard at my job, maybe we should have the most senior teachers teaching the classes with 30+ with the most amount of issues instead of sticking the big classes with the newbies. the whole system is lopsided those making the most work the least and those educating your children get by on the lowest salaries. Why didn’t the district lay off the highest paid employees when they were in a lay off situation, I know of teachers then got laid offf and not even given unemployment benefits(that’s real fair) while others were let go (fired) but were given another job for protection(Robert Cuevas) Everyone is out for themselves in the end.

  5. Still trying to figure out why these expenses are insignificant. Did most of our elementary schools really need painting this summer? Does Avon Elementary really need a digital sign outside? Why are Eagle County Schools advertising on local radio, although perhaps not technically lobbying for votes, why would a school district need to advertise? I have never heard these ads before when they were not looking for more money. The whole idea of tightening your belt is that expenses are important, every one of them.

  6. I think the district likes new teachers– they are less costly? That would seriously worry me if i was a several year school employee btw.

    I think we should protect our experienced teachers who do a great job and would do so even in bigger classrooms–and I also believe that this Mill levy Override will NOT fund the teachers, NOT fund the classrooms, and we all know new carpet and paint does not EDUCATE children or aid the teachers-not one bit. With that in mind– should this $6 million tax hike pass, and the money does not fund the teachers (as I fully believe it will not-after all, it is NOT in writing on the ballot language) our schools will ONLY have left $691,304 to borrow in future Mill Levy Overrides, so then what will they do?

    This statement sounds correct– “I know of teachers then got laid off and not even given unemployment benefits” because schools are their own entity–not under state or federal employment laws/rules.

    And re this -“others were let go (fired) but were given another job for protection(Robert Cuevas)” A few of us EC longtimers have long memories.

    And btw–where is Marvin Franklin? I fully anticipated he would have something to say re this latest exposure by ECT.

  7. i will have a nice day–I usually do and thanks Mr. Franklin! You too!

    I want my money for our teachers–and our children— first. We have a wonderful school district–wonderful employees, wonderful teachers, wonderful district administration–(Mr. Onofrio is one of my favorite people actually) but in the end it must be children and teachers first.

    Such a sad state of affairs–this economy,

    In case you wonder-I hate what is happening. It is not happy news-none of it.

    You take care–and your spouse too– we do care in Eagle Country…. a lot in fact…

    – Marty –

  8. Marty, you nailed it with your statement “yes, schools manage to spend our money very well indeed”. Just ask Mike Gass about the $1017.67 purchase he made on 8/4/11 at Blue Sky Adventures. I don’t recollect school being in session that early in August. Nor do I recollect a classroom setting on a raft floating down the Colorado River! How ECS and the “pro 3b” crowd can paint a picture of doom and gloom if 3B isn’t passed by the voters is laughable. I don’t know if the school board understands, but the monies ECS collects through the mill levy or any other source that is tax payer funded, is not meant to feed yourselves lavishly, nor is meant for recreational/leisure purposes. It is meant solely for the kids, and to provide the teachers with all the resources they need in order to put forth a quality learning experience.

    I read the propaganda put out by the “pro 3b” crowd earlier, and couldn’t help but wonder if these supporters realize the potential harm this passage could cause to this stagnate economy. If 3B were to pass, not only would it put a further strain on families already struggling with their current mortgages, it could possibly be a major contributor to the alarming rate of foreclosure in Eagle County. But wouldn’t it also put a further burden on the aspiring yet struggling business owner trying to keep his/her doors open for business? A passage of 3B would mean they would have to raise their rates for their products or services due to an increase in the mill levy,correct? When consumers are spending less due to high food and gas prices, I see this to be potentially harmful to the small local business owner. According to the Yes on 3B pamphlet, a bullet point states: ” Passage of 3B will keep our local schools moving forward AND help get our local economy back on track”. I couldn’t disagree with 3B anymore!

  9. Hi Mr. Kersey. Thank goodness Eagle County has some intelligent life left.

    A spokesperson for Yes on 3B made some rather startling statements at a recent school grounds public meeting last week.

    Among the highlights were:

    * Boston, Mass spends $175,000 more per classroom than Eagle County schools do–and we have about the same student testing results as Boston schools.

    I am not sure what this spokesperson’s point was supposed to be but it clearly showed me that funding is most certainly not the issue at all for good educational results!

    * Eagle Schools was bumped out of the running in the Race to the Top so we got the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation grant money.

    The ‘Race to the Top’ criteria is primarily having outstanding teachers and excellent student learning. Again, I am not positive of the reason for mentioning this, and especially said in public!

    With that said, I DO like some of the CO State panel of recommendations that just came out re reducing the states burden:

    Opening with this:

    State governments need to think in terms of markets. However, relatively few do so, relying instead on a traditional command and control approach that allocates resources based on the priorities of officials rather than the pull of citizen demand.

    (re K-12th state funds)

    * In creating its program, the state may wish to limit its outcomes to proficiency in traditional academic areas such as reading, writing, mathematics and science.

    * Funding should be allocated in the form of (pubic and charter school) stipends that follow students instead of direct funding to local school districts.

    *Those public schools that are seen as creating value will attract more students and, thus, more state funding.

    * The state needs only to assess and publicize outcomes and value information so that judgments can be made. Parents, through the educational market, will do the rest.



    This bears repeating–the panel suggests a government entity change from;

    “the traditional command and control approach that allocates resources based on the priorities of officials rather than the pull of citizen demand”

    Now we’re talking!

  10. No way would I consider voting for this. Aside from the problems that are inherent with a tax increase in the middle of a recession, I have a problem with school funding in Eagle County in general. The United States, on average, spends roughly $6,800 per pupil. Eagle County spends over $17,000. This would be acceptable if Eagle County Schools were pumping kids into Harvard, Yale, et cetera, but they’re not. Of course some of that spending takes into account the construction costs of some buildings, but all the same, it’s probably way over funded. Unfortunately, it’s the teachers who need to see that funding to attract top level teaching talent, and they sadly do not see competitive salaries. Districts on the Front Range pay significantly more.

    Last year, Eagle County Schools held a conference with several other Western Slope school districts. Where did they hold this conference, you ask? Well, they did what any school district would do and rented out the ENTIRE Ritz Carlton at Bachelor Gulch. If they can afford to rent out an entire Ritz Carlton, then they can live without this tax increase.

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