From the Street

Dateline:  Avon today – Avon’s ’round-a-bouts’.

ECT here to help.  Yes, it is legal to express your 1st Amendment rights “around” the perimeter of Avon’s “round-a-bouts’ – it is illegal to express your rights “in” Avon’s round-a-bouts.  No signs and no bodies waving signs inside Avon’s round-a-bouts are legal.

ECT folks happy to assist with this legal clarification.  Too that end some ECT folks ‘pulled the election signs’ found inside Avon’s ’round-abouts’ and dropped them off at the Avon Police Department.  The illegally placed 3B signs shown below.

All election signs “around” Avon’s round-a-bouts are of course – still there.  Going forward should ECT folks find ANY more illegally placed election signs in Avon…rest assured they’ll be removed and located somewhere other than the front door of Avon PD.  Reasonable ECT readers need only be reminded once.

Meanwhile down at the Costco in Gypsum this past weekend.  ECT folks noticed a 2/3’s vs 1/3 sign advantage going to the opponents of Ballot issue 3B.  The ECT is a proponent of introducing our elected School Board to “more Accountability”.  Lord knows they could use it.

Back to Avon and it’s Voters.

Current Avon Councilmember Kristy Ferraro and husband Craig – weighed in on Avon’s proposed Transportation Sales Tax Increase – Ballot issue 2B (Click Here).  Kristi wants you to pay an increase in the Sales Tax you pay while shopping in Avon.  Ostensibly these new taxes to be used to pay for Avon Buses – including Buses that run from Avon to Beaver Creek.

Here is what Mr. and Mrs. Ferraro (forgot?) to tell you.

Mrs. Ferraro is a Avon Councilmember and local Juris Doctor.  Regrettably, the 2B ballot language (Kristi is in part responsible for) you’ll be voting on doesn’t specify which parts of Avon will be serviced by Town Buses (Click Here).  No new Bus Routes are specified in the Ballot language.  FACT IS: Much like the (remarkably unspecific) Ballot language of the School District’s 3B issue – 2B doesn’t EXACTLY tell you PRECISLY what bus routes the Avon resident/voter/taxpayer is going to get or lose nor how often Avon Buses will run on those (maybe you’ll get a new one?) Bus routes.  FACT IS:  Kristi’s Ballot language makes this Bus Issue – a Transit Crap Shoot!

Further (last time the ECT checked) Mr. Ferraro works as East West Partners (CFO).  Mr. Ferraro’s office is located in Beaver Creek.  There can be no doubt that the Beaver Creek Resort Company (and other Beaver Creek based Resort businesses) ‘bottom line profitability’ would be improved – if others paid the cost for Buses to transport their Ski Resort Guests up the road from Avon.

What of the lawsuit with Avon Developer Traer Creek?  Fortunately the recent “no” votes of Avon Councilmembers (both) Kristi Ferraro and Buz Reynolds were overruled by the Avon Council majority in a (4-2) vote.  That issue being the majority voted to Settle the current Avon Lawsuit with Developer Traer Creek.

Perhaps now the Avon Council will consider using the Taxpayer money – that was being used to pay millions to Avon’s lawyers – will now be redirected to pay for Avon Buses, without trying to increase Avon Sales Taxes in a down turn economy.


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