Unopposed School District Candidates? Time for a Protest Vote?

by… aimless wandering Wall Street Protester

Consider:  PART of your November 2011 Election Ballot you just received in the U.S. Mail – will remind you of what it’s like to be living/voting in Pyongyang, North Korea and Havana, Cuba.

It’s the section of your Ballot where ALL 5 of your Eagle County School Board candidates – have their names printed, and ALL 5 candidates are running UNOPPOSED!  Why?  How is it, Mrs. Louise Funk, that all the 3B Ballot issue – public supporters can claim “how deeply – they’re concerned” about “quality public schools” – yet at the same time – all 5 School Board candidates are running unopposed?  It isn’t until we get to the Colorado Mountain College portion of our Ballot before we see any contested candidates – for Education.

The ECT fears some of these School Board candidates (the 4 incumbents) probably wish they were living in Pyongyang – so they could just permanently raise our Property Taxes – without all these pesky elections and Ballot Issue questions.

What to do?

Consider:  Perhaps a ‘Protest Vote’ is called for…  Say What?  Obviously the election of all 5 School Board candidates is a foregone conclusion.  They’re running unopposed.  They’ll win.

So?  If these incumbents were doing such a great job with the Tax Money we’ve already paid our School District – then why aren’t they spending more of their time – trying to figure out how to live within their means – THE SAME AS THE REST OF US!  If you’re not happy with your elected School District board – you might consider NOT VOTING for any of them!  If nothing else – you’ll be sending this group of “we gotta have more tax money” a clear message.

In any event the ECT encourages your careful evaluation of the other ‘contested’ ballot issues/candidates before you vote.

For us at the ECT – it’s an easy decision about what to do with these 5 School Board candidates.

Think about it!  It’s simple enough, if you’re not happy with their performance…then just don’t vote for these unopposed School Board candidates.


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