Cordillera Golf Club Members Lawsuit – Update

by Raymond Burr

Public Record, Court documents obtained by the ECT this week – show an interesting development in the Cordillera Golf Course members vs. the Wilhelm Family Partnership.  Court case (2011CV552) filed in Eagle County District Court.

Earlier (June 24th 2011) District Court Judge Fred Gannet – issued a restraining order (Click Here) against the (WFP and David and Patrick Wilhelm) requiring among other things, that an Audit of the expenditures of members dues (currently controlled by WFP) be done.

The Audit conducted for September and August 2011, show that, the WFP has used the Golf Club Members dues, to pay (so far – $43,690.00) to the WFP lawyers defending that lawsuit against Wilhelm (Click Here page 2, item 4).

The Court filing goes on to state that this is in direct violation of Judge Gannett’s original Restraining Order.  Per the RO, membership dues are suppose to be used exclusively for Golf Course Facilities/Maintenance and improvements – not to pay for the WFP legal fees.

What the ECT knows:  Lawyers practicing their profession are suppose to be held to the highest legal and ethical standards possible.


So let’s ask Eagle County’s own “Mr. Law Column himself – Rohn Robbins” a hypothetical question for Rohn’s Vail Law column in next week’s Fishwrap, shall we?

Of course only hypothetically, Rohn, if an attorney knew they were being paid with money that his client was not able to legally use, what should that lawyer (law firm?) ethically do?

ECT readership anxiously waits your answer Rohn, to the ECT’s hypothetical question this week!


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