County Home Foreclosures and Ballot Issue 3B

by Clayton Moore

Last week, in just 5 business days, our County’s Home Foreclosures increased by 31 for a YTD total of 454. That number (31) of course greatly exceeds the number of “pro-3B” letters printed in the Daily Fishwrap last week. Concern for Education and Tax increases in Eagle County now seems to have trumped concern for whether a local family has a home to live in…

You’d never know it of course – unless you read the ECT.

For his part “Editor-Half-the-Story” over at the Fishwrap claims to be against the Permanent Property Tax Increase known as Ballot issue 3B – YET, continues with withhold public record information – that supports his position. Why?

What Evidence? Our School District’s payroll (Click Here).

There can be no question that our Elected School Board is directly responsible for the inflated “Administration/Superintendent” salaries – at the expense of some obviously underpaid Teachers.

The Bad news – is that 4 out of the 5 School Board candidates are Incumbents, and ALL candidates are running unopposed. “Change, We can believe in?” Please keep that FACT in mind the next time another “pro-3B” letter to the Fishwrap insists just “how concerned” they are about our children’s education. Kudos to the ECT folks/contributors for “calling-out” Fishwrap letter writers that are either on the School District’s payroll, or are married to someone who is.

Which of course bring us to 3B Tax Increase proponent:

Make no mistake – the ECT is 100% on the side of ‘school choice’ for parents that live in our community and everywhere else. Of course what was not mentioned in (above) is the fact that our 30 year residents – have chosen to send their children to Vail Mountain School (now graduates – Click Here) – as opposed to our local Public Schools. Is it that our local…public schools are good enough for everyone else, just not us? You decide.

What kind of local Public School (finance/education reform?) can be expected – when 4 incumbents out of the 5 candidates running for election are guaranteed to be back now demanding more Tax Money be handed to them? Recall our School Boards own “polling data” (taxpayers paid for the poll) showed the vast majority of folks in Eagle County are against a tax increase! Don’t forget the existing $230 Million (Click Here) in long term School Bond debt your elected School Board has saddled us all with….

Everyone who has seen the educational documentary “Waiting for Superman” (Click Here) knows that just throwing more money at Education – guarantees nothing. Nowhere in our great Country is public school education (in worse shape – DVD Waiting for Superman) than where Teacher Unions are the strongest – inside the large urban School Districts of America’s big cities.

Isn’t it time to wake up folks?

10 responses

  1. Teachers are always on the short end of ballot issues. Nothing will change until we pay our teachers more and shorten summer vacations.

  2. I agree Joann— and on this current Mill Levy Override Permanent Property Tax our teachers are not guaranteed anything at all.

  3. Frampton’s catchphrases and cliches are a joke. I wonder if all the people who bought vacation (second) homes from Frampton and his company will ever get taxation with representation. Latinos in the country illegally vote with impunity and pay few taxes while legitimate out-of-state property owners have no say whatsoever in elections. That’s what Democrats love about controlling places like Colorado and California. (In addition, Colorado gives them a stranglehold on natural resources that affect a five-state region. But, with heroes like Lenin and Stalin, why should we be surprised that Demo-Marxicrats have so little true concern for people and life in general?

  4. While I appreciate the article on ERFPD proposed tax increase you mention that the Vail Fire District is not asking for an increase in their mill levy. The Vail Fire Department is a municipal department, not a District. Just a clarification. Keep up the good work…

    • Thanks DR.
      ECT dedicated to the ‘straight and narrow’. Thanks for the clairification.
      Thanks for reading.
      ECT believes Mr. and Mrs. Taxpayer have a duty to review our School District’s payroll before voting to hand over more money to the district.
      Please share our web site address with other you believe would be interested!
      -Clayton Moore

  5. Realistically, due to current economy and forecasts–our schools need to revert to what they were in the 90’s here. Very limited services, other than education which was very good. In other words, back then parents were the volunteers, and parents paid for (private school-sanctioned) after-school classes such as Foreign Language, Art, Cooking and Music. That created private enterprise jobs, which we need here desperately! Jobs!

    * our schools must stop spending like the AES elementary school new carpeting with a logo in a school that should be closed down as their student population is now very low. That expenditure from my Open Records Request said it finished off the Bond money that was for technology as well as school building maintenance. Again, factually, and realistically, AES should be closed down this year. The students can move to Edwards and Homestake as those schools have room for the AES students now.

    * Realistically, the district should offer only half day kindergarten. That is sufficient hours needed to ready these children for school.

    * Realistically, the district administrators should be accepting a pay and bonus cut, across the board.

    * Realistically the school board should be given no taxpayer charge cards at all. It is a voluntary elected position–no money is required here. They run because they want to improve our schools and help our children and it should be left at that. No spiffs. It’s voluntary because they care.

    * And realistically, the school district should add a little Donation Box on our Property Tax Bills. the IRS does that now for the National Debt and schools can create a avenue for those who can afford to pay higher taxes to do so-directed to ONLY the school district.

    Because realistically, a tax hike only postpones what is now inevitable. ECS will not be able to continue spending as they have in the past, not for likely ten more years at minimum here.

    So to pay more to employees, and then turn around and take it away is a bad practice in my opinion. My experience is that it usually creates some mighty unhappy disgruntled employees, and for good reason too.

  6. Your goals are inconsistent with your ideology.

    In today’s Fish Wrap, Bob Foley writes, I’m paraphrasing, that he wants to take salaries from Administrators, give that money to people to who are going to lose their homes.

    How is that not socialism? How is that not redistributing wealth? How is what Bob writes in line with being a Republican? Republicans believe in capitalism, not hand outs. Bob wants to take salaries from some and give it others. It’s a complete violation of personal rights, the founding principles of the GOP, and capitalism.

    In fact you all here complain about salaries. But that’s capitalism, no? Yes, it is.

    Former high level Reagan budget directors such as David Stockman, David Walker, and Martin Feldstein all recommend increasing revenues as part of the solution to our economy, which education is key. So do most mainstream economists and bi-partisan economic think tanks such as the New America Foundation.

    Here’s a link to a study that was done, not by liberal democrats, but by conservatives:

    The paper’s central premise is something I’ve been hearing for more than a year now: this time, it really is different. What he and his co-authors mean by that is that the bursting of the debt bubble three years ago was not just a severe example of the ups and downs that are an inevitable part of American capitalism. Rather, it was the ultimate consequence of the modern global economy. Chief among the changes that have taken place is the integration of China, Russia, India and other countries into the global economic mainstream. The developed world once had maybe 500 million workers. Today, say the authors, we’ve added another two billion people to the global work force.

    You all seem to think we can simply cut our way out of this. But those views aren’t supported by either mainstream economists or economic reality. Yes, we have to save money. But we also have to raise more money at the same time.

    None of you acknowledge that the effects of globalization, how the competition for jobs is only going to increase. You don’t see that our economy is increasingly built on knowledge and skill. You want to keep our country in a holding pattern while we get our asses kicked by China and other countries. You don’t get it. We can’t just wait for things to get better. And the times of Reagan are not repeatable. Now is the time to make moves. Yes, we’re going to make some mistakes along the way. But we need to keep moving.

    We could spend years redoing the tax code. Meanwhile, we just keep falling further behind. I’m an Independent. You think by putting Republicans back in office things will magically get better. I got news for you. We’d be better off throwing all of them out and starting over. Because none of them, have a clue as to what our problems are. The current crop of Republican candidates are basically advocating a repeat of the W years – start another war, give everyone a tax cut. W sent out how much money in tax checks? Where did that get us? And you really think that starting yet another war is the answer? The only Republican candidate who has a clue is Huntsman. But he won’t make it.

    Yes, I agree that there’s waste. No one disagrees with that. But fixing waste takes time — you can’t just snap your fingers and it goes away. While the problems are being solved, while the waste is being uncovered, revenue still needs to come in. You still got to keep the store open.

    You all focus your efforts in the wrong direction. You’re chipping away at schools, the last place you should complaining about if you really cared about our country. Give the schools their money, then go back and make sure they spent it right. If not, then you have a case. But you have to give them the benefit of the doubt, first. My wife volunteers her time 3 days a week at Brush Creek. She’s intimately familiar with the Administration. I can guarantee you, they’re cost conscious.

    BTW, some of you here are smart folks. Go volunteer your time at some schools. They could use your help.

    One positive sign is the protestors. It doesn’t matter that they don’t have a message. What matters, is finally some people are starting to move their feet to let the government know they’re fed up. It’s great. If the clowns in the White House can look outside and see a few million people, it’s right in front of their eyes. But going on and on complaining on Facebook and even this site, they don’t see that. You have to move your feet.

  7. I should also point out that I know Bob. Him and I don’t agree on much, but I respect his views. I’m not ragging on Bob, I’m only pointing out what I feel our extreme inconsistencies in his views. I’d say it to his face.

    This same inconsistencies I see here, and keep me from voting Republican. The founding principles of the GOP are solid and I believe in them. But starting with Reagan, the Republican party has over time, been hijacked by extreme right ideology.

    The party has been taken over by religion, for example. I don’t want anyone to tell me what I need to believe in or govern with religion in mind. The founders didn’t want that either, hence the separation of church and state. But today’s Republican party is dominated by evangelical views. Now, Republicans are sponsoring laws that’d make certain types of contraception illegal, which is a violation of personal rights. Do you like your suitcase searched when you travel? Neither do I. The Patriot Act, put in place by W, is a huge violation of personal rights.

    The Democrats aren’t much better, but they’re definitely the best of the worst. At least the Democrats don’t want to tell me what kind of contraception I use. And they’d just as soon stay out of my suitcase.

    Our government can’t even agree on what time it is. That’s not how a Democracy functions. If you go back in time, there was a time when Republicans and Democrats could work together. Sadly, those days are gone. I blame the Republican party for most of this. For folks to sign a pledge to not raise taxes is just insane and narrow minded. If you dug deeper, you’d learn they all go to church together, too. “Praise the lord, start a war”.

    Things are heating up and that’s great. To some degree a war will be waged between us all, us neighbors. Things will get much worse. But the good news is that things are heating and people are finally starting to take notice of the wrongs over the years.

    I’d love to be able to have some common ground with you all but until you move from your extreme right position and show you’re willing to listen to smart people — no matter what their political affiliation, don’t count on me or millions of others getting in line with you.

  8. One more.

    I was there in Chicago at Grant Park when Obama won. Like millions of others, I had hope.

    I’ll be the first to admit that Obama has blown some things. For example he made a huge mistake by focusing on health care, when the real problem was jobs. But hindsight is 20/20. He took over a mess, that got worse over time. It’s still getting worse. Like any leader, he’s going to make mistakes. He’s made his fair share, for sure.

    But I’m not going to lose sight of the fact that Republicans have stood in his way. When that jackass McConnell said, “Our number 1 goal is to make Obama a one term President”, I knew we were in trouble. Why would the Republicans vote for anything that’d make Obama look good? They haven’t, they won’t. In doing so, they’ve hurt and are hurting our economy.

    You don’t like Obama, fine. But you have to let him try his ideas. If they don’t work, kick his ass out. That’s what elections are for. But to obstruct things, that’s criminal. And just because one idea doesn’t work, that doesn’t mean the rest are bad. I’m a “job creator”. I fail all the time. Who doesn’t? I just want the final score to be in favor of my good ideas. The rest? Failing is a part of running a business.

    So I look at the Republican party. I was there when Romney led Bain Capital. He was nothing more than a lay off and flip specialist. He had no skills. Perry is led by evangelicals. If he has his way, we’d all have to stand in line to get vaccinations by companies that funded his campaign, right after we pray. Cain was a so-so CEO and now he’s an also-ran. He hasn’t held a meaningful role in business for 14 years. His 999 plan is gimmick and an insult to anyone with a basic comprehension of economics. Bachmann is a freak, so is Santorium. Paul actually has some good things to say, but according to him the SBA would be gone. There’s a role for government. The only sharp one is Huntsman. But he has no shot, because he’s sensible.

    I refuse to give the country “back” to the same people who created this mess. I refuse to support the Republican Party — because it’s not the GOP. I don’t even know what you call it — but it’s not the GOP. True Republicans are smart, they listen to others and arrive at consensus. They believe in freedom for all and personal rights. That’s not what you folks do, or those you vote for do. By voting Republican, you’re actually making us less free.

    Like I say, I’d rather start over.

  9. This really is the last one. I got to get back to work.

    If any one of 3 of Obama’s job ideas could get approved; tax credit for hiring a vet, tax credit for hiring someone on unemployment, or the on the job training credit, I’m hiring.

    Not tomorrow or next week, but today. I can hire at least one more, probably two more people. With more people, I can then take bets on my ideas. But I need staff, and Obama’s ideas would allow me to take on staff at little or no expense. They allow me to cover my bet, in some ways.

    But Republicans are standing in the way. So Republicans, right now, are blocking me from hiring.

    Tax breaks don’t help me much, because I don’t get to realize them until next year. A tax break today goes on my taxes I’ll file next year. That’s fine, but how does that help me today? It doesn’t. Obama’s ideas would help me, because they save me money today. In this case, I can hire people at little or no cost.

    You think I’m alone, the only business out there that would benefit front these ideas? No, I’m not. There’s millions of others like me that are willing to take risks with their money. Obama’s ideas allow me to take some risks with my money, while not risking the bank on them. They’ll give me a little boost. Sometimes in business, a little boost is all a guy needs.

    So don’t tell me that Obama’s ideas won’t work, that’s dogma and bunk. There’s at least 3 of them he has, that would help me — as a job creator.

    Thanks for having this space to share and argue, I appreciate it. If you can show me you’re a true Republican, I’ll do a PayPal. If not, sorry.

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