So about those unnamed 3B Mill Levy’s by our Eagle County School Crew

by Pansy Nelosi

“We have to pass the bill so that you can find out what is in it.”

Mmmm hmmmm, did that once with our health insurance plans… and we now know what is in it…. September 2011, Kaiser reports the average cost of a family plan rose at triple the growth seen in 2010.

So how about Eagle County’s Ballot Issue – 3B?

Turns out the folks trying to permanently raise your Property Taxes…are well-funded by Colorado Teacher Unions… claiming “The small INCREASE anticipated from a mill levy override…” Estimated by how many new Mills? Well…we don’t know…. meaning we don’t know how much this tax hike really will be until it is in effect.

Worse, Yes on 3B’ers say (with a lot of financial help from the teachers unions) “CO’s statewide funding mechanisms for public programs (e.g., schools, highways, law enforcement, social services) has gone bankrupt.” I am rather thinking our highways and our law enforcement are more necessary that new computers and school upgraded carpeting.

And the3B’ers (with a lot of financial help from the teachers unions) continue on with this reassuring news- “the majority of the funds for schools derived from a Mill Levy Override will be garnered from second homeowners.” You all been watching how our second homeowners are doing lately? Their foreclosed multi-million dollar houses are selling for 50% of their value.

And the 3B’ers (with a bunch of financial help from the teachers unions) conclude this-> ” Local taxpayers likely will not be receptive to another tax increase request, following 2006 and 2011 requests; it makes more sense to have a request for permanent Override” and  “The mill levy override won’t be felt by taxpayers until the economy has recovered and home valuations recover”.

In other words – they are saying voters are easily fooled and will not recognize that this 3B issue “Permanent Override” is in fact a Permanent Property Tax Increase – and you won’t feel the pain until our economy recovers

The good news is, we aren’t that easily fooled.

The bad news is, I had no idea our highways and law enforcement divisions were bankrupt. Did you?


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