EC School District – ‘Fast and Loose?’ with Election Laws

by Clayton Moore

Ms. Brooke Macke is the Eagle County School District’s – Director of Communications.

According to recent documents provided to the ECT, Ms. Macke, last Friday (28OCT2011) sent out a ‘blast email’ to all School District employees that have an email address with the District.

Ms. Macke’s email goes on to inform School District employees that “only 35% of ECS staff” have returned their election Ballots to the EC Clerks office as of last Friday, just two business days from election day.

Now how would Ms. Macke know that?

Turns out the pro-3B group (Citizens for Eagle County Schools) paid the EC Clerks office for the list of all names of Citizens that have since returned their Ballots to the EC Clerks office late last week.  Recall you have to sign the outside of the envelope that your Ballot was returned in.  From there, the pro-3B group in tandem with the School District’s Administration was able to accurately determine – just who and how many – of the School District’s (948) employees had returned their Ballots as of last Friday.  Big Brother watching?  Any citizen with sufficient funds could purchase the same (returned ballot) list from the EC Clerk’s office.

(Click Here)

Strictly speaking it would be illegal for our Taxpayer funded School District to use School resources to encourage voters (to vote one way, or the other).

Ms. Macke’s email doesn’t do that.

There can be little doubt that the School District Administrators, the pro-3B group and the majority of your elected School Board believe that the District’s employees are a probable group of ‘yes on 3B’ votes because the employees salaries are a large part of the District’s budget.  Hence the impetus for Ms. Macke’s email reminding employees of the Tuesday, November 1st election day deadline.

What interested the ECT folks…is that the 35% rate of return (suggests?) the rank and file District employees (and teachers?) simply don’t trust the School District’s Administration/School Board to distribute at least some of the proposed tax increase to their Salaries.

FACT IS:  The 3B ballot language (Click Here) DOESN’T say nor guarantee than ANY of the proposed Tax Increase – will ever go to Teacher Salaries or to the rank-and-file employees.

There can be little doubt after a review of the School District’s salaries – that too many in the District’s Administration (that Ms. Macke is part of) are way overpaid, and that the average Teacher Salary is far, far below what the top Administrators are paid.  (Click Here)

The ECT asks our readers to consider this information when you drop off your Ballot at the County’s office in Avon (1st floor Avon Center building) or at the Clerk’s Office in Eagle – at the County Building.  All Ballots need to be dropped off no later than 7PM, Tuesday, November 1st.


Sunday Nite Update – October 30th 2011

Dear ECT Editor,

I keep reading in various newspapers that ‘great schools’ are of key importance to local property values and resulting economic growth, so please vote yes on increasing your taxes for our schools.  Property taxes and the rate in which they might be increasing is now the factor regarding successful real estate transactions, per the Official Site of the National Association of Realtors.  Under  ’14 Things to Consider Before Buying a Home’ they state; ‘Pay close attention to taxes.’  The National Realtors Association then goes on to say potential buyers need to request several years worth of property tax payment records, as ‘that great deal and good investment may not seem quite so grand if the property taxes skyrocket year
after year.’

Their school mention is under this advisement:  ‘In some cities, schools are substantially funded through property taxes – which means you can count on yours increasing regularly.’  In our new depressed U.S. housing world it appears the tracked records of property taxes are the Main Player for successful real estate sales, which contribute to our area’s financial stability. It is no longer schools and  those completely unnecessary but nice tax-funded amenities. Those are now a detriment to our local economy if they require(d) any increased taxation.

Please keep this in mind right now as well as in the future, should another property tax increase ballot question appear from the county, schools or our towns.


Marty Lich

9 responses

  1. If I was their employee, and after reading those, I know how I would vote for sure…

    But I sure am glad to see we are paying Big Brother to monitor their employees personal activities as private tax-paying voting citizens…. (not!)

    PS Just as all the letters etc. have done so far, these emails STILL make NO MENTION of pay for teachers/classrooms/children…I also noticed that.

  2. It’s obvious that the school board and administration are in panic mode. Why else would they have the “watchdog” group headed by Louise Funk, report to the school district which of its employees has and hasn’t voted. Why would Ms. Macke be reminding the school district employees to vote and giving out the percentage of turned in ballots by the school employees on company time? Ms. Macke is walking a very very fine line here. Without saying specifically what to vote for, it’s clear that her message is to hurry up and cast a yes vote on 3B. What else would the district want their employees to vote for?

    To those of you privacy invaders including school board members,administrators,pro 3B’ers: don’t be at all surprised if you offended enough of the district employees, by letting them know that their confidentiality has been invaded via email, if some or if not most of the school district employees who have yet to vote, decide to vote “no” or not vote at all!

  3. Yes indeed Mr. Kersey…. you pegged it here –> “don’t be at all surprised if you offended enough of the district employees, by letting them know that their confidentiality has been invaded via email, if some or if not most of the school district employees who have yet to vote, decide to vote “no” or not vote at all!”

    Only having 1/3rd of a employee vote by this weekend also is telling–very telling. Thank heavens for our intelligent (and now highly outraged as they should be) school staff.

  4. Thank you for having a place to argue. I appreciate it. I’ll send money, as soon as I see you’re a real Republican.

    I looked over the salaries. Where do you get that folks are overpaid? I couldn’t hire a good tech person for less than 80k — in the city. 78k for a tech person up here is a bargain. Anyone that’s good in this business makes at least 90.

    Why are you all beaching about salaries? That’s capitalism, fer crissake.

    How dare you attack the salary of your fellow man? You are ruling over him, what Lincoln was against.

    “In opposition to this trend in public opinion, Lincoln invoked America’s “central idea.” “Every nation,” said Lincoln, “has a central idea from which all its minor thoughts radiate.” For Lincoln, this central idea was the Declaration of Independence and its notion of equality as the basis for republican government—the simple idea that no one has the right by nature to rule over another without the latter’s consent: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

    Republican principles are that we should live free, make as much as we can. It reads to me that you want to take money away from these folks and that’s socialism.

    I read something good last night by Russ Douthat, conservative columnist for the NYT. His premise was that giving the government more money via taxes isn’t a bad thing, because that’s how our country runs. But that the best thing to do, would be to first make the government more efficient, because once doing so our tax dollars would have more of an impact.

    Here’s the link:

    “Rather, it should be a kind of small-government egalitarianism, which would seek to reform the government before we pour more money into it, along lines that encourage upward mobility and benefit the middle class. This would mean seeking a carefully means-tested welfare state, a less special interest-friendly tax code, and a public sector that worked for taxpayers and parents rather than the other way around”.

    It’s a good piece.

    The main complaint here seems to be that you don’t feel the money will go to teachers. How do you know that it won’t go to teachers? And even if not, it takes money to implement reform.

    The fashionable thing to do now is to complain about the tax code. Even if politicians could agree on what to do, it’s going to take years to undo what we have in place. While that’s being done, we still have this problem that we’re not competitive globally. Your ideas seem to be, stop innovating, while we go back and fix things. This is dangerous. The right mix would be to keep innovating, while we’re working on efficiency.

    Has anyone here talked to a teacher? I’ve talked to our son’s kindergarten teacher plenty. Without the help of aids, and volunteers she would have a tough time. If class sizes increase, if support decreases, what happens to the kids in her class? Then what? They’re on their own? You all just seem to think that things will be fine. For some of us they will be. But that’s only because we have the resources. Others will suffer.

    I see selfish thinking here. You all want to turn this into a handout debate and that’s just wrong. It shows a very narrow frame of reference. Instead, you should take a view that farmers do — give back to the land that feeds you.

    Here’s some lyrics that Stephanie Davis (4th generation Montana rancher, wrote songs for Garth Brooks) wrote, “Give a Little Bit Back”:

    “Sometimes I close my eyes and see, a field of corn, from long ago.

    “Little sister, Daddy, Mom and me. Working side by side, row by row.

    “With golden tassels waving tall, we’d fill our sacks, at harvest time. And I can still hear Daddy call, remember now, leave some behind.

    “Give a little bit back, from what you’ve been given. Leave a little behind, for those with none. It’s a lesson in living. To keep what you’ve got, give a little bit back.

    “Today I met a ragged man. Who asked if I, could spare a dime. I placed a dollar in his hand, as Daddy’s words, ran through my mind.

    “Give a little bit back, from what you’ve been given. Leave a little behind, for those with none. It’s a lesson in living. To keep what you’ve got, give a little bit back”.

    You all could learn from ranchers and those who make a living off of the land.

    Nixon and Reagan both believed in helping others. Because they recognized that we’re only as strong as our weakest links.

    The number one most cross referenced phrase in the bible is, “Help the poor”.

    Where can I find folks who think like this?

    • Just a…
      White Hat, Black Mask and a red neckerchief! Same as always!

      OBTW – when….we have a Public School District competing in a local school market with 100% SCHOOL VOUCHERS available to all…
      Then and only then will the ECT agree with your point about the ‘at market’ Salaries in our Public School District.

      The Public School Salaires currently enjoyed by the Administration are NOT, market based…you missed that one BowHiker!!!

  5. Yes. Open competition is the basis for a free society. We need to build our society with the idea that the common man can rise up at any time and take on all comers.

    School vouchers seem like a good idea. I haven’t studied them enough to have more of an opinion than that.

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