Fear Mongering by – Ballot Issue 5A Proponents

by Clayton Moore

The proponents of Ballot Issue 5A (Eagle River Citizens for Fire Safety) want you to vote for their Ballot Issue – that will increase your (now declining) Property Taxes.  Never mind that the maximum Eagle County Property Taxes in the history of Eagle County were collected in the Spring of the last two Property Tax years.

With falling Eagle County Property values – the Eagle River Fire Protection District wants the same amount of Tax money they’ve enjoyed (at your expense) for the last two years.

Now the proponents have resorted to ‘what amounts to’ Fear Mongering and Threatening photos targeted at the voters in their Eagle River Fire Protection District.

The ECT would like to remind our readers that ERFPD Chief Charlie Moore, recently resigned his position as Fire Chief.

The ECT folks don’t believe in threatening folks – in order to persuade other folks to their point of view.

Do you?

Their question:  How do you keep this? – From turning into this!

ECT’s answer:  By FIRST reaching for the Fire Extinguisher in your kitchen – BEFORE reaching for the telephone, THAT’S HOW!  Fresh batteries in your homes smoke detectors are recommended by the ECT too!

What the ECT wants – is a Fire Department that’s BEST at PREVENTING a fire from occurring in the first place – not a Fire Department that boasts (good response times).

The ECT folks will not support a Tax increase favored by those who believe this kind of Fear Mongering U.S. Mailing (Click Here) – is somehow an appropriate way to coax voters to vote for what they want.  Grow up.

The ECT recommends the Fire District use some of the $3 Million in Fire District reserves, (to maintain service levels) and come back to local voters after their supporters (Eagle River Citizens for Fire Safety) learn how to make an intelligent and well reasoned business case.

Fact is:  (just one example) the Fire Station in Avon (WildRidge neighborhood) is not staffed today with Firefighters, and won’t be even after a ‘yes’ vote on the ballot.

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