First Tracks? Vail Mountain 2011-2012 Ski Season

by Peter Parker

Thinking about getting up early on Friday, November 18th to claim this ski season’s first tracks on Vail Mountain?

You’re too late.

The photo evidence (Friday, October 28th 2011) seems to suggest the Vail Mountain (unacknowledged employee benefits?) of  team “lift maintenance” is alive and well.  The Lift Maintenance folks are also known to insiders as ‘the men in black’…as they tool around the mountain riding their Yamaha snowmobiles wearing black snowmobile LM uniforms.  ECT still doesn’t know if ‘lifts electric or lifts mechanical’ got the majority of the very first tracks…Those that know ain’t talkin!  Just click on the ECT’s photo to enlarge it!

Pictured here is Lower Highline from the Poma Lift, Highline Express – Chair 10.  Special thanks to the (SCARC) – Ski Country Amateur Radio Club folks for the  recent photos.

How much Snow is on Vail Mountain at the end of October, 2011?


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