From the Street

by fans of Charles Krauthammer

Election Day next Tuesday?  What’s reported by the Eagle County Clerk and Recorder after 7PM next Tuesday November 1st – will mark a turning point for our Community.

With so many Property/Sales Tax issues on your ballot – it will be interesting to see if our Community favors the same ‘tax and spend’ agenda currently promoted by the occupant in the White House – or whether a different mentality will prevail here locally.

If Eagle County’s current  Job Loss/Home foreclosure rate (495 YTD) are any indication, the election results will be lopsided…

There is no question that Eagle and Gypsum have suffered the most from Job loss and Foreclosure rates when compared to up Valley communities of Vail and Beaver Creek.

Will the down Valley voters turn out in force to make their collective voice heard?  How many voters have already moved away to find work elsewhere?

We’ll all know more very soon.

As for the ECT’s thoughts headed into this Election – the ECT would like to see a bunch more accountability injected into all these Taxing Authorities standing in front of us – with their perpetual hand stretched out.

The ECT believes that too many of the folks that work for these Taxing Authorities – have forgotten just who they work for…

Hold on to your wallets folks….we’ll all know more very soon.


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