3B Proponents? – You have a BIG DAY – Ahead!

by the Goldman Sachs – Accounting department

Some local Eagle County folks – were OUTRAGED that their Educational Ballot Issue – 3B FAILED last week with local voters.  Their recent letters to Editor-Half-the-Story over at the Fishwrap last week confirmed this sentiment.

Some folks (some on the School District’s payroll) desperately wanted the Permanent Property Tax increase to pass – so that EVEN MORE millions could be spent funding Education.

Recall that the ECT pointed out several times in the last few weeks – that these previously successful tax raising folks have rendered all Eagle County Property Taxpayers underneath $230 Million in long term School Bond debt.  (Click Here)

Hence forth here at the ECT will shall refer to this DEBT FACT as the ‘Funk Factor’.

So the ECT folks got a hold of the Debt Service numbers from our School District’s Chief Financial Officer – Phil Onofrio.

Attention 3B Proponents!  Eagle County Taxpayers have an $11 Million dollar Bond Debt payment due December 1st 2011.  The bonds won’t be retired till 2026, 14 years from now.  For the time being the Eagle County Mill Levy for Education – remains at 19.474 Mills against your property.

Attention 3B Proponents!  If you still feel our Community is not spending enough money on Education – please mail your personal check to:  Eagle County School District, PO Box 740, Eagle Colorado   81631.

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