Today’s Wallstreet Protesters vs. Petrograd Protesters (circa 1917)

by Fredric Butler

Where neither the executive nor the legislative branches of our federal government adhere to the strictures and constraints of the Constitution, the resultant forms of government can become either an autocracy or an oligarchy; and looking back in history over a century ago we can see a parallel developing in today’s “American Republic”.   The genesis that fomented the Russian revolution of 1917 is the same that has now spawned that which we witness in today’s American society;  the  causation for both the Russian and American empires is the same – that being the vast disparity between the wealth of an aristocracy of power brokers and the common citizen, the diminishment of gainful employment and its attendant self-respect of one’s self, the loss of mobility or matriculation from poverty to prosperity, the involvement in numerous and non-affordable wars that create oppressive debt, and finally, the loss of a national identity as a sovereign state.

The Russian revolution, along with World War I, was instrumental in the removal of an autocrat, the Tsar, together with his concomitant aristocracy of landlords, privileged entitlement recipients, and a subservient religious lackey (the Russian Orthodox Church).  After the smoke and gun-fire had faded from that conflagration, a socialistic form of government was established under the misnomer, name and style of the “Union of Soviet Socialist Republics” (USSR).  This resultant form of government brought on a massive “redistribution of wealth” as our own Mr. Obama chooses to characterize the phrase.—not to the benefit of the People, but to a consortium of party members (comrades), or for a better term an “oligarchy” of privileged bureaucrats.

I see great similarity between the Russian society of 1917 and that of ours today as partially illustrated  through the turmoil in the streets of Petrograd and Oakland, except the latter is in its revolutionary infancy, but the end-game is still to remove an oligarchy of governmental elitists and their corporate lackeys or privileged cronies; I do not believe that this is the “change” that Mr. Obama promised in 2008—rather, he sought to establish this very consortium as we bear witness to the last three years.  Unemployment, loss of dignity, inflated prices of necessary staples, loss of hope for a better future in America’s youth, numerous and non-affordable wars (Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yemen, etc.), incredible and unsustainable debt, and finally the loss of a sovereign identity resulting from a globalist mind-set, and the unrestrained  and illegal immigration of those not “American”.  Will it be socialism or a re-found republic envisioned by the Constitution as our American revolution plays out.  Will it be an autocracy, an oligarchy, or a democratic republic?  Will it be the USSR (Unites States’ Socialist Republic) revisited or the USA (United States of America) re-found? Will it be the Communist Party reborn, or will it be a Tea Party for all “Americans”?


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