Vail Daily – Failing their readers again

by proof polygraph

On Friday, November 4th 2011 the Fishwrap (a.k.a. – Vail Daily) printed a story – that was flat not true.

What makes this particular offense so egregious – is that the day before the Vail Daily (their editor, et al) were notified of their error.

Turns out the Fishwrap (sometimes) runs a story a (day early online) before the same story appears in print the next day.  A long time ECT reader caught the (day before) error and notified the ECT.

Why?  Because this ECT reader remembered the story the ECT ran (May 23rd 2010) about which building in Eagle County – was the first LEED certified building in Eagle County.  The ECT’s story included a photograph of the (2010) LEED award that Avon Developer Traer Creek received for their Traer Creek Plaza building, just west of Avon’s Wal~Mart.  (Click Here)

The Fishwrap’s story (Click Here) insisted that East West Partners “Westin Hotel” in Avon was the first LEED certified building in Eagle County.  Simply put a big fat lie.  That remains to this day – as uncorrected at the Fishwrap.

Here is a copy of the (day before press time) polite email from the ECT to the staff members at the Fishwrap (Click Here).

A reasonable person knows everybody makes mistakes, they also know that when an error is pointed out, and not corrected in a timely fashion, speaks volumes about how these Fishwrap folks feel about the accuracy of the information they publish.

Lying it seems not a problem these days – at the Fishwrap.


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