Vail Electors – Time to Take the ‘Hitt’

by the Kemosabi

This Tuesday, November 8th – the Town of Vail Electors will choose their representatives for the Vail Town Council.

The ECT really only has one definite recommendation for Vail voters.

Take the Hitt Vail voters – Farrow Hitt.  Farrow doesn’t’ draw his paycheck from Vail Resorts – nor is the property he manages owned by Vail Resorts.

Why Farrow?  Farrow Hitt earns his living in Vail as the General Manager of Vail’s Simba Run.  Many+1 Ski Condos there.

So?  So Farrow understands something about a competitive market place in the Town of Vail.  His business competes for the same Tourist Dollar everyone else does.  Farrow knows what it takes to be competitive and how to manage a profitable business in today’s tough market.

Farrow’s business doesn’t have an unlimited budget nor can it go around (trying to raise other people taxes) when times get tough.  Farrow ‘gets it’.

Hey!  ECT, anybody we should avoid on the Town of Vail Ballot?

Yup.  Greg Moffet.

Why?  Years ago Moffet was the Town of Vail’s (he was a Vail councilmember then) representative on Eagle County’s Open Space Committee (OSAC).  Remember MILLIONS of Taxpayer money WASTED on County open space purchases like the Bair and Gates Ranch purchase?  Well Mr. Moffett was right in the middle of endorsing those TERRIBLE DECISIONS.

Avoid Moffet on your Vail Ballot.


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