ECT’s – Got Beltracchi’s Back

by the local Translator

Mike Beltracchi is a long time Eagle County resident and property owner.

Mike also pays a lot of attention to what is and isn’t happening in Eagle County.

Unfortunately – Mike’s recent letter to Editor-Half-the-Story over at the Fishwrap caused more confusion than clarity of Mike’s points.

Time for the ECT folks to weigh in.

Mike (et al) would like to see a different approach when it comes to the issues facing our Community.  Mike’s central point – was trying to explain what local discussions need to take place – that are not.  Public discussions about…

Why does our Community have ~$14 Million dollars in so called unspent “Open Space Funds” at the same time our School and Fire districts are trying to raise taxes?

Want vs. Need?  Fact is:  We don’t ‘need’ millions spent on Open Space.  Fact is: We don’t need a new Eagle County bureaucrat (at $100k/yr) whose job it is to recommend how millions be spent on proposed new Open Space, we simply don’t need.

Mike (et al) tried to get your elected Eagle County Commissioners to agree to put the question of the REPEAL of the County’s Open Space tax on November’s ballot.  The Commissioner unanimously refused – preferring the special interests of the Eagle Valley Land Trust – over the voters in our Community.

We don’t need our Elected Eagle County Commissioners floating down the Colorado River (on the taxpayers dime) at a time when Eagle County home foreclosures are at 514 YTD – 13NOV2011.  Eagle County Job creating is desperately need – especially down valley (Eagle/Gypsum) whose Community’s have suffered the brunt of this years Home Foreclosures.

Why isn’t anyone (other than the folks at the ECT) even talking about this?

Why are your elected Eagle County Commissioners – more concerned with the interests of the folks who work at – the Eagle Valley Land Trust? (one of the worst special interest groups the ECT has ever discovered)

Why does Editor-Half-the-Story choose to ignore why his (always getting thinner – paper newspaper) is losing paid print advertisers?

Bottom Line:  It’s time for our Community to start talking about “Want vs. Need” and how our Community can start creating (instead of loosing) local Jobs.  Sadly it seems most of our elected leadership – just doesn’t seem to be up to the task…


One response

  1. Want vs Need….

    Dictionary definitions-

    WANT:To desire greatly; wish for
    NEED: To be necessary.

    Words defined- (residents)

    * WANT: Open Space, After-school & in-school activities: (non-educational items) cable TV, cell phones, etc.
    * NEED: A roof over their children’s heads, food on the (at-home) table….and jobs.

    Eagle Schools-

    * WANT: a chef in each kitchen, before/after school daycare, full-service health clinics in school for students AND their non-student siblings, taxpayer charge cards, 4 & 5 star hotel stays and continued Fine Dining for non- teaching staff. Etc.
    * NEED: Good teachers. Period. (Class sizes over 17.2 students not important with a good teacher educating them…Class size info retrieved from

    Eagle County Commissioners-

    * WANT: To keep spending like it is yesteryear, even though it isn’t.
    * NEED: to focus on essentials such as, Fire Dept, Sheriffs, Roads, and lowering taxes. (to salvage what is left of our taxpaying families…who pay for their ‘wants’ btw.)

    Yep…. want vs need. Quite a difference in their meaning.

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