How did ECT contributors Celebrate – Veterans Day 2011?

by – Wish you were Here

A reasonable question.

How did contributors to the EagleCountyTimes.Com spend Veterans Day 2011?

Answer:  From the Deck of the Nimitz class Carrier – USS Carl Vinson, that’s how!

The ECT contributors happy to share their exclusive photos of last Friday’s Carrier Classic from San Diego harbour and the deck of the USS Carl Vinson!  The Carrier’s name sake?  Georgia’s Rep. Cal Vinson you’ll recall Rep. Vinson (Ga. -D) a far cry from what passes for today’s democrat…Seriously, can you imagine any of today’s Congressional democrats having a Nimitz Class Carrier named after them?  The last two Nimitz Class carriers – CVN 76 & CVN 77 named USS Ronald Regan and USS George H.W. Bush, respectively.

ECT Challenge:  Can you identify the Blonde Bombshell in the otherwise (fuzzy?) photo below?  Hint:  She’s from Canada hence the ECT’s spelling of the word – Harbour!

The ECT loves our Vets, including the men and women currently serving on Active Duty – on the USS Carl Vinson.  Thanks for the photo’s Airman Apprentice USN, Josh!

The ECT’s salute to our Vets – 2011?  With an appropriate dose of Naval History catapulted into this week’s story!


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