Ongoing Cordillera Lawsuit – Achieves ‘Class Action’ Status

by ECT’s legal folks

As first reported in the ECT (Click Here) the Cordillera Golf Club members lawsuit (Click Here) against the Wilhelm Family Partnership – achieved Class Action status in a ruling today (15NOV2011) by District Court Judge Fred Gannett.

One of the (benefits?) of this Class Action status is this one Class Action case can accommodate the consolidation of individual legal claims of individual Cordillera Golf Club members (against the Wilhelm Family Partnership) into this single Class Action.

It remains to be seen how and which individual legal claims filed against the Wilhelm Family Partnership will be moved into this Class Action lawsuit.

Long time members of Eagle County’s legal community believe this is the first Class Action case in the history of Eagle County District Court.  If ECT readers have information to the contrary, the ECT would like to hear from you!

Stay tuned.


2 responses

    • ECT has bigger fish to fry.
      Lindholm’s minor foreclosure sale (~$4.5Mill) pales in compairson to the Ritz Carleton – Bachelog Gulch at $61Million. That’s the foreclosure sale ECT is paying attention to. It’s was moved again, 2nd time – to middle of December 2011…we’ll see.

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