Update – Lawsuit against Eagle County Sheriff – Joe Hoy

by ECT legal review team

Update – on the current lawsuit against Eagle County Sheriff Joe Hoy.  In a recent case filing (3NOV2011) it is clear the parties have agreed to move into the ‘discovery phase’ of their lawsuit.  (Click Here) for the ECT’s original story.

So far everything the ECT has reviewed in this case falls under the “he said – she said – we agreed – then we didn’t”  list of allegations on both sides.

On pages 3 & 4 of the included (3NOV filing Click Here) a majority of the existing allegations are laid out.

Allegations in the most recent Court filing?

1 – “Ms. Andree initially indicated to Sheriff Hoy that she would voluntarily retire to assist the Sheriff in meeting this shortfall. Ms. Andree, however, demanded that the Sheriff’s Department pay her a large severance. The Sheriff’s Department and Andree disagreed on the amount of a severance payment and Ms. Andree did not retire, but Sheriff Hoy ended up eliminating the Plaintiff’s position and re-distributing her job functions to existing personnel.”

2 – Further – “Sheriff Hoy denies the Plaintiff’s contention that he entered into an agreement to pay the Plaintiff a two-year severance.  Following the Plaintiff’s separation, the parties did enter into a retirement/severance agreement, but at a much smaller amount.  After signing the agreement, however, it is Plaintiff who rescinded this contract.

Obviously it’s going to take a review of (what if any) actual documents (produced via Discovery) to determine who has the strongest case here.

It’s just too early for the ECT folks to make any (call) on this ongoing case.  ECT doesn’t expect this to go to trial (if it makes it that far) until Summer 2012.


One response

  1. She and hubby (who was with the Forest Service or BLM or something) can leave government careers having worked “for the people” and now sit on their bums at taxpayers’ expense with friend Bill Heicher — also formerly of Forest Service or BLM or something — who also got an early retirement at taxpayers’ expense years ago. Socialism really is a fairy tale guaranteed to have a happy ending. Sign me up Vladimir!

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