Vail Resorts EPIC Photographer – Nick Wilson

by – from one Engineer to another

Pictured here is Nick Wilson a recent graduate of the U. of Cincinnati’s Mechanical Engineering program.  After graduating Nick is out here for the 2011-2012 ski season avoiding the 9-5 grind for a little while longer…Click on Nick’s photo to enlarge it.

It turns out there’s been some significant Engineering improvements to how VR’s Epic Mix photography works.

Are you into, Social Media?  Have a Smart Phone?  A frequent user of Facebook? If yes, then the free (after you buy your Epic Mix Ski Pass) Epic Mix online program is for you.

1 – After you buy your Vail Resorts EpicMix ski pass, visit the (free to sign up) web site and create your online account.  Once that’s done, every time your EpicMix ski pass is scanned while getting onto a lift, your EpicMix online account (on your personal/free) web page gets incremented with today’s ski activity.  Vertical feet, number of runs, Epic Ski pins won…etc…

Now for Nick’s EpicMix Ski photos…this is very cool just how this works.  It takes 3 devices and one talented young Mechanical Engineer for best results.

2 – Nick’s right hand holds the RF Scanner that can scan your Ski Pass under your ski jacket.  Now Nick knows who you are, and where your online EpicMix account is.  Next, in Nick’s left hand is a special device (looks much like your iPhone) that is wired to Nick’s digital camera hanging from Nick’s neck.

3 – Nick’s RF scanner (right hand – wirelessly) tells the box in Nick’s left hand just whose digital photos are going to be taken next.  Nick then uses his Digital camera to take a few photos, then (wirelessly) your tagged Digital photos are uploaded to your personal web page.  You can share the EpicMix photos (or keep them private) from there.  You can also (immediately) upload those same EpicMix photos Nick just took – from your EpicMix web page to your Facebook page just by using the free EpicMix application already running on your Smart Phone.


Now you finally have something to do with your Smart Phone while waiting in those long Holiday lift lines…provided you brought your (not invented yet) EpicMix hand warmer!

Future enhancements to Nick’s program?  Yes, the EpicMix Smart Phone software is being enhanced to allow your Smart Phone camera’s photos to be uploaded (real-time) to your personal web page.  Today, Rob Katz’s Smart Phone will just have to settle for direct Facebook uploads if he/you want to do that.

The ECT predicts that the folks that like to hike straight up the ski lift lines in the Spring after the season is over – can look forward to a technology enhanced “look what I found” experience while taking their late spring hike!

Anybody know what a recently dried out…not used since January…Smart Phone sells for on eBay?

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