What our Public School District – would prefer you not know…

by fans of the Factor

Earlier this year the EagleCountyTimes.Com reported that the Eagle County Property Taxpayer is now responsible for $230 Million dollars of long term School Bond debt (Click Here).  This debt was amassed over a ~10 year time frame, as a result of 3 separate Bond issues that occurred over those ten years…and to be fair (thanks to TABOR) taxpayers had to vote ‘yes’ (in 3 separate elections) to allow our School District to issue those Bonds.

As of a result of our existing long term Bond debt our County Taxpayer has a ~$12Million dollar Bond payment due December 1st 2011.  (Click Here)  Also your existing Property Tax Mill Levy remains (for the time being) at 19.474 Mills.  Point is (you can sleep soundly) knowing you’re still FUNDING Public School Education in spite of the failure of 3B to win on our recent November ballot.

In spite of the fact Eagle County’s economy is struggling now – as far as the ECT knows – no Public School alternative school (our County’s Private Schools) have closed due to a lack of a sufficient number of paying students.


As Eagle County’s Public School system begins in earnest this week – the difficult process of budget cuts (the same thing our Private Sector has been doing for a long time) – the ECT will offer this simple premise as a budget cutting suggestion.

1 – The further away from your child’s class room the District wants to spend tax money, the more eligible that expense should be for a cut.

In the meantime Bill O’Reilly weighs in (26 seconds) on the issue of our nations Public Schools, and funding them.

One response

  1. It is this thinking right here by our school district board and administrators that is so wrong on so many counts: ”We had community members who actually believed that if we stopped giving pizza to teachers we could solve a $5 million budget shortfall,” Smyser said.


    Read on about our E-470 employees and THEIR dining/hotels, also on OUR tax dollar.

    “That’s not a good use of public resources,” said Elena Nunez of Common Cause Colorado, a government watchdog group.

    * In Boston, credit card records show E-470 employees also enjoyed dining at a high end steakhouse, with the bill totaling nearly $500.

    * During one trip to San Diego, reimbursement records show board member Jim Benson charged E-470 a $100 baggage fee so he could take his golf clubs along on the trip.

    When 9Wants to Know asked the board why they couldn’t just educate themselves by visiting the website instead of spending money on travel, the board didn’t respond to any more questions.


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