Peter Parker’s Porcupine discovered yesterday on Vail Mountain!

By MJ, Peter Parker and Marlin Perkins

Well…Punxsutawney may have Phil the Groundhog, however Vail Mountain has their own version of “Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom…

This hungry (and big) Porcupine was discovered high in a tree, greeting Vail’s Skiers that got up early enough Sunday to see him from the right side of the Vista Bahn Chairlift riding into Mid-Vail.  ECT not saying which Vista Bahn lift tower we caught this fellow from – it suffices to say MJ, Peter and Marlin are always paying attention to what is happening around them!  Just CLICK ON the photo to enlarge it!

This photo was particularly tricky.  Imagine…spy the Porcupine as you ride by, grab the camera from your ski jacket, then frame the photo from a fast moving chairlift – and frame the photo so you catch the shadow of the chairlift in the tree next to the Porcupine.  It took plenty of ‘Spider-Sense’ to catch this one – just right!

Vail on Dwellable

One response

  1. I saw him on Saturday morning (I was on about 5th chair) and couldn’t get my camera out in time. It totally made my day–thanks so much for posting!

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