Taxpayers lose in Avon’s Litigation

by – we pay Attention

Some might think that last weeks bad financial news only comes from Europe, Solyndra, Freddie/Fannie or the completely inept so called Congressional “Super Committee” charged with reducing Federal Spending.

Radically bad Financial Decisions happen right here in Eagle County – Avon to be specific.

The majority of Avon’s Town Council is a disaster when it comes to making good decision with Taxpayers money.  Last week the ECT submitted an Open Records request to Avon’s Finance Director – Scott Wright.

Scott was polite, professional and very timely with the ECT’s request.  Thank you Scott!

The ECT’s simple question:  In 2010 and through 2011 (year to date) how much has the Town of Avon been invoiced by all attorneys – in the matter of litigating with Avon Developer Traer Creek – including ALL of Traer Creek’s different legal entities, involved in all lawsuits?

So there you have it – in a manner of speaking (when the litigation started) the ball was on the 50 yard line.

Now ~2+ years later – guess where the ‘legal football’ is?

The Attorney’s for the Town of Avon have accomplished next to nothing – with the notable exception of draining Avon’s Town Treasury of – $1,339,377.25

The good news of course – is that the Avon taxpayer/voter refused to agree to the 2011 ballot question (tax increase) that would have handed the Avon Council more money.

The bad news is – the Councilmembers responsible for a series of bad decisions are still in office – and it won’t be till November 2012 before Avon voters get a chance to fire these incumbents.

What is desperatly needed in Avon (and else where for that matter) are Elected Officials that think of the Taxpayers money “as their own personal money” and act accordingly!

As for the ECT folks – we can’t wait to show some of the Avon Councilmembers the door in the November 2012 election…


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