Where do some of the most influential people in our Country – Come to visit? Eagle County, Colorado

by – the fans of 60 Minutes Steve Kroft , photos by ECT Staff photographer – Jimmy Olsen

About a week ago 60 Minutes ran a story about Grover Norquist.  Grover is a friend of Dr. and Mrs. Hasan and came to speak at the Hasan’s home in Beaver Creek, during which Grover met some of our local luminaries.  As you would expect, the ECT folks were in attendance.  Below is the HD video of that 60 minutes interview with Grover.  Below that the exclusive ECT photos of an event at the Hasan’s residence in Beaver Creek.  Please CLICK TWICE on the video link to watch the video in HD – courtesy CBS 60 minutes!

Much like the ECT Mr. Norquist is a Taxpayer-Advocate.  Grover believes in Accountable Government and expects Government to live within its means – same as everyone else.  The ECT’s recent involvement in our local Property Tax ballot questions shows where the ECT folks stand on the issue!  Here are a few photos of some Eagle County folks – that were in attendance for the meeting with Grover.  Leading off and pictured here with Grover (right) in 2008 is Dr. Malik Hasan (left).

Lest you think this EagleCountyTimes.Com story is only about Grover, the ECT would also like to share some photo of some of the other folks doing fairly well in some recent Presidential Polls!


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  1. Grover is the BIG #URD of American politics! He is the cause of the gridlock… and will be the reason America votes against the GOP in 2012. Thank you Grover :o)

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