Eagle County Government – raises FEES on Everyone

by the fans of Vail Honeywagon and Waste Management

It’s one of the oldest tricks used by bad Governance.  Eagle County’s citizens its seems has a mountain of bad County Governance to deal with today.

Here’s how Bad Governance penalizes YOU!

Bad Governance:  “If you can’t raise their taxes, then just raise their FEES!”

When the ECT discovered that our Vail Honeywagon trash bill was going up permanently starting January 2012, the ECT wanted to know why.

Turns out your Board of County Commissioners thinks now is a good time to raise the FEES at our Eagle County Landfill.

Why?  One of the excuses offered is that our County landfill is running a larger deficit, in part because there is so little new Construction waste being created in Eagle County these days…Gee…see if you can figure out why…

Once again, bad planning by your Board of County Commissioners (BoCC) that is now costing everyone more who generates any trash each month – more of your hard earned money.

Tongue in Cheek? – the ECT knows – just like everyone else – that if our BoCC just spends a few more Million of Eagle County Taxpayers money on “open space” everything will be fine – real soon, right?  Just ask the Business Editor over at the Fishwrap – he seems to think so! (Click Here)

The ECT knows that while local businesses these days that are working twice as hard – to earn half as much – your Eagle County Government has decided that you, your business and any entity that produces Trash, will have to pay more to have it delivered and buried at the Eagle County Landfill in Wolcott.

The ECT’s suggestion?  Stop picking up your copy of the Daily Fishwrap and instead read it online as you see fit.  You certainly won’t find a copy of the ECT in the County’s landfill, now will you?


While our County Commissioners continue to make bad decisions with our Tax Money – some of the County Employees – are working hard and doing a good Job!

ECT delighted to report that Eagle County Employees –

Ken Whitehead – Eagle County Solid Waste and Recycling Director

Kelly Berry – Administrative Manager – Eagle County Solid Waste

Jesse Masten and Tom Johnson responded promptly and professionally to the ECT’s request for information – related to January’s Rate Increase at the County’s Landfill.

Thanks to them here is the information on Eagle County’s Fee Increase – (Click Here)


One response

  1. So instead of being rewarded for producing less trah the public is penalized? That does not sound green to me Eagle County.

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