The Fishwrap’s Business Editor – Glorifying Job Killers

by Clayton Moore

Why would any reasonable Business Editor at any reasonable newspaper – Glorify local Job Killers?

Answer:  a reasonable Business Editor wouldn’t.

And so it is at the Daily Fishwrap – so called Business Editor Scott Miller, chose to Glorify one of the most successful construction job-killing non-profits in Eagle County – the Eagle Valley Land Trust (Click Here)  Never mind that ~70% of Eagle County is already ‘open-space’!  The only way to ‘jump start’ our County’s economy is dump a few more millions of Taxpayer’s money into open space purchases, right County Commissioners?

Consider:  The Fishwrap’s own polling data (as well as the ECT’s) showed overwhelming support to REPEAL Eagle County’s open space tax (Click Here) – with a Ballot question on this past November’s Ballot.  All 3 Eagle County Commissioners REFUSED to put that REPEAL question on our Ballot – by the way…

Consider:  The history of the EVLT is that it has endorsed spending millions for the purchase of OS (parcels and so called conservation easements – Bair and Gates) ranches on land most County Taxpayers can’t use/find nor easily access.

Consider:  For the third year running – Eagle County’s home foreclosure rate (559 YTD – 1JAN2011) has hit people in the Eagle/Gypsum communities the hardest.  A quick review of the Zip Codes associated with the County’s public record Foreclosure list – proves this.  Job loss has been fundamentally in the Construction related businesses (roofers, painters, plumbers, drywallers, framers, architects, electricians, concrete & foundation…etc).  Not to mention local County merchants, that depend on business from these workers…

Just exactly Mr. Business Editor – has the Eagle Valley Land Trust done to create new jobs – any new jobs, except their own?  Why would you deliberately write a story glorifying the so called ‘work’ these people do? (Click Here)  Why does our County Commissioners vote to support the interests of this (special interest group) over the Economic interests of Eagle County?  Does it seem “right to you” that Eagle County should have ~$14 Million in unspent open space funds – at the same time our Public Schools and Fire Districts (claiming poverty) are asking voters for more Tax money?  Can  you tell the difference between what a community ‘needs vs. wants’?

Are you aware Mr. Business Editor that Eagle County’s #1 economic problem is Job Loss, NOT a lack of so called open space?

How hopelessly clueless can one so called Business Editor be?

What can a reasonable person do to fight back against this clueless state of awareness at the Fishwrap?  The ECT has a suggestion.

Careful – who you choose to hire as your Holiday Party’s ‘Santa Clause’ this year!  That’s what.

One last question Mr. Miller would you prefer a piece of Bituminous or Anthracite in your Christmas stocking this year?  Doubtful the man even knows what the ECT is talking about!


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