Vail Mountain’s – Avalanche Rescue Dog "Henry"

by Marvin Gaye and Tony Mauro fans

“Henry” is a seasoned Avalanche Rescue professional.

So is his owner and partner in training – Chris ‘Mongo’ Reeder who works as a Ski Patrol Supervisor on Vail Mountain.

Any Canine aficionado can quickly identify Henry as a Golden Retriever now in his 3rd year serving on Vail Mountain’s Ski Patrol – specializing in Avalanche Rescue.  Henry has been so successful at providing his expertise to Ski Patrol – Henry has his own Hut named for him on the top of Vail Mountain.  Henry as you can see on this web page also knows how to make it Snow – here at the EagleCountyTimes.Com.  Now if Henry can just make it snow a bit more on Vail Mountain…

The ECT likes our friend Henry so much the ECT decided to let you listen to a little Marvin Gaye…Tony Mauro style (Click Here) to listen to a little tune from 1965!  ‘taint no Dock Dog here, Tony!

Vail on Dwellable

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