School Bullying – Alive, Well and being used by our Public School District

by the ECT supports – Educators NOT Litigators

School Bullying?  How else to describe it?

Last week we all learned that Eagle County’s School District Superintendent –  Dr. Sandra Smyser (photo) and the majority of your elected Board of Education publicly objected to the ‘land deal’ between Stone Creek Charter School and the Town of Avon (sans developer Traer Creek) (Click Here).

The Gist?  Your School District objects to the ‘land for a Charter School’ deal given to Stone Creek vs. the interests for the same land for use by our Public School District.  It is essentially “the big public school district” that is picking on the deal that benefits “the little Stone Creek Charter school”.

This is classic Big Bully behavior if ever the ECT saw it.

FACT:  The most challenging issue our Public School District is facing today is – Budgetary, not land use.  Just like our local Private Sector has been dealing with – shortened work hours, layoffs, thin corporate budgets…our Public School District is getting a taste of that economy too.

FACT:  Eagle County’s overall population is shrinking due to Job Loss.  This same Job Loss problem is what is driving our County’s Home Foreclosure Rate – now at 589 YTD – 18DEC2011.  This is the 3rd year of rampant Job Loss in Eagle County.  Just like our Daily Fishwrap – our County Commissioners refuse to even acknowledge/discuss/do something about what is happening to County citizens all around them.

OBJECTION:  Our School District should be competing against Charter/Private School competition in the CLASSROOM – not trying to make a Land Use issue that could potentially end up in a COURTROOM battle – paid for by our Education tax dollars.  Based on our County’s current economic trajectory – it is unlikely Eagle County will need new land for a new Public School – for at least 10 years.  Jobs must return to Eagle County – before the families with children can return as well..

One More Thing:  While the Fishwrap’s attention was focused on the land use issue with the School District last week – the ECT’s contributors focused on the fact that the Eagle County School District – is RAISING your Property Tax Mill Levy!

That’s correct.  From last years Mill Levy of  (19.474 to this years 21.601) you’ll see printed on your Eagle County Property Tax Bill – you’ll be receiving in the U.S. Mail in the next couple of week…

Merry Christmas – from your Eagle County School District.

How is this possible you ask?  Didn’t the majority of us vote NO, on the School Tax issues last November?  Yes we did.  Eagle County School District Finance Manger (Phil Onofrio) insists the State of Colorado is in part to blame – AND – don’t forget your $230 Million Dollar School Bond Debt – that your Property Taxes are used to provide the legally required “debt service”.  Your School District paid ~$12 Million dollars in debt service this December 2011.  This massive Bond Debt (the ECT was told) is to blame for the majority of the Mill Levy increase.


7 responses

  1. 1) How much higher can the schools mills (taxpayers property taxes) get raised in EC?

    2) Is our school district stopping any/all collective-bargaining contract(s) funding practices now, to direct our increased tax money to our students and classroom education only?

    Read Denver Post today 12/18/2011 05:09:01 PM

    Taxpayers in Colorado’s largest school districts have spent more than $5.8 million during the past five years to subsidize the activities of local teachers unions.

    The expenses resulted from years of agreements that require tax money to pay for everything from full-time union leaders’ salaries and benefits to providing leave for some teachers to attend union conferences, a Denver Post analysis of the 20 largest school districts with collective-bargaining contracts found.

    “It’s a shame the money isn’t getting into the classrooms and to students,” said Walker Stapleton, the Republican state treasurer.

    Read more here:

  2. The writer of this article (and I think we all know who that is) could use a few free English classes at our local public schools. Constant use of the “–” will not get you a passing score on the CSAP.

    • Thanks for the advise Zach Henry.
      The ECT’s writing style is deliberately different, with complete malice of fore thought.

      Not sure Zach…does “fore thought” require a hyphen? too funny!

      PS – Zach you are encouraged to submit a column to the ECT anytime on any topic of your choice.
      ECT happy to publish online with ZERO edits – it flies online the exactly the way you submit it to the ECT.
      Merry Christmas!

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