Where there’s a Will – there’s a Way? Denver’s possible bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics

Photo credit – Dan Davis

Long time Eagle County local Sarah Will – was chosen by Governor Hickenlooper – to go Exploring with Harry Frampton according to the Denver Post last week (Click Here)  Insiders of course know that Sara is an accomplished Ski Racer (Click Here) having earned 12 Gold and 1 Silver over her career Skiing in four Winter Paralympic Games between 1992 and 2002.  Harry on the other hand…(too funny) well….the ECT not sure just how many EpicMix Ski Pins Harry’s earned this year – but if Harry let’s the ECT know – we’ll let everyone else know too!  This task force chosen by Colorado’s Governor – will explore the pros/cons and expense of a 2022 Winter Olympic bid by the city of Denver.  ECT folks not sure of what Denver’s chances really are…what we know is…if you see somebody with funny sunglasses scraping off his 2015 Bumper Sticker – in favor of a new one that says 2022 – then the chances are pretty good you’ll see a few Olympians in town during the 2021-2022 Ski Season some 10 years from now…The next Winter Olympics will be held in 2014 in Sochi, Russia…As they say in Russia this time of year….Pozdrevlyayu s prazdnikom Rozhdestva is Novim Godom


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