ECT – Correcting the Fishwrap’s Corrections

by – the ECT caught that

Too Funny.

It’s not that the Daily Fishwrap folks ‘get it wrong’ on occasion, it’s that the ECT folks are just amazed when the Fishwrap gets it right!

Case in point – the most recent Fishwrap Correction dutifully published on their December 24th 2011 front page…

FACT IS:  The Fishwrap’s so called ‘Clarification’ – NEEDS IT’S OWN CLARIFICATION!

Not so fast ‘Editor Half the Story’!  Below the Fishwrap’s original story – with the highlight of their original statement!

There is “nothing unclear” about the original story’s ‘statement’….”the property and facility are owned by the town of Vail and leased by the School District”.  Although the statement is not accurate – there is certainly nothing “unclear” in the original sentence!

The more things change in our community…the more they stay the same at our own Daily Fishwrap!

Meanwhile – Back in Cordillera…’round Christmas time…

Every wonder what a (Christmas Letter?) might look like from the friendly folks at the Wilhelm Family Partnership?

Well… wonder no longer…from the current owners of record – of all the Cordillera Golf Courses – comes the most recent communication from the owners to their dwindling Golf Course Membership.  PS…the memberships annual dues is due in January 2012!

Too Funny!  (Click Here)

So what did the friendly Cordillera folks have to say in response?  (Click Here)


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