From the Street – 2012

by    Rumors, Innuendos and Abject Speculation

Your Cordillera neighborhood dues are going up.

The Cordillera membership voted last week to (self-inflict) an increase of $1,000.00/yr to the ($2,000/yr) dues they already pay.  The reason?  The ongoing cost to defend the lawsuit filed against Cordillera by the Wilhelm Family Partnership.

Allegations received by ECT folks suggest that the membership didn’t have a real problem with the additional $1,000.00 because so few of these same folks (allegedly) are NOT going to pay their Cordillera Golf Course annual dues (due in January 2012) because of (what was promised and not delivered) by the WFP last year.

Promised what last year?  (Words/emails to the effect – if you pay your annual dues on time and in full) the WFP will open all 4 Cordillera Golf Courses this (2011) Golf Season.

And not Delivered in 2011?  All the Cordillera Golf Courses didn’t open last year.

How the WFP intends to cover the annual Golf Course operations cost this year (2012) if very few Golf Course members pay their dues this year is unknown at this writing.

You’ll recall the Cordillera (counter-claim) lawsuit against the WFP (et al) was given class action status by District Court Judge – Fred Gannett last year (Click Here).

Too Funny!

Last year about this time a Furrier named Dennis Basso – went with the ‘print advertising look’ of “models hanging out in furs, near gasoline pumps” (Click Here).  This year Dennis has returned to Eagle County with print advertising displaying a new look!  The ECT folks calls this new look “models with Chicken-Legs and furs handing out in Stair Wells” (Click Here).   This new look also reminded the ECT of what a couple of Ostriches wearing furs might look like too!  No word yet on what PETA has to say about all this advertised fur in Eagle County!

The ECT folks appreciate Mr. Basso’s sense of humor for 2012!

So What of Vail’s Vista Bahn Quad Lift?

By now the entire Ski/Snowboard community knows of Vail’s plan next summer to replace Vail’s original High Speed Quad lift (Vista Bahn) with a new Gondola.


BUT what we didn’t know till now was Vail Resorts future plan for the existing Quad Lift.  Well…Vista Bahn is going away, permanently.  You wont see Vail’s triple Chair 17 replaced by Vista Bahn nor anything else.  Vista Bahn (circa 1986) doesn’t seem to have much residual value after ~26 years of faithful service to Skiers.

Vail Homeowners Association – World Class Amnesia

…or was it Alzheimer’s?  Last week the annual (love-in) meeting between Vail Resorts and the Vail Homeowners Association took place in Vail.  The VR folks for their part – happy to alleged their Corporate Financial Interest is consistent with the Property Value interests of the VH Association.

Oooops!  Not so fast, Vail CEO Rob Katz!  The ECT folks still interested in your Corporate explanation of just WHY Vail Resorts publically supported the Permanent Property Tax increase – recall November’s ballot issue 3B…Yes, that proposed permanent Tax increase aimed 100% at the wallets of the 2nd home owners in Vail.  Why tell the truth, Rob, when it’s more convenient to just ignore it?


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