County’s Property Taxes vs. our Snow Depth

by – the Tax Man’s Nemesis

In a Ski Resort town they say that “white brings green”.  It most certainly is true if you’re in the Ski Resort tourism business or a related resort business.

Unfortunately the slow snow season – doesn’t slow down the Property Tax man.  He doesn’t care, he just expects you to pay no matter what.

While others were watching the current snow “Depth” in our community – the ECT folks turned their attention to the 2012 Eagle County Property Tax Mill Levy “Depth” you’re about to be presented with – on your 2012 Eagle County Property Tax Bill you’ll be receiving this January.

You’re not going to like it.

Everyone knows all of our real property values have dropped in Eagle County over the last two years and in most (not all) areas of the County our values are still on the slide.

This doesn’t seem to have much effect on the Property Tax man.

Even when voters, vote down proposed Property Tax increases (we did last November) the Tax Man uses his (not so secret weapon – the Mill Levy) to protect his Tax interest (his claim) to take more of your hard-earned money.

In somewhat over simplified terms…the Tax Man can (sometimes) legally jack up your Mill Levy (without a vote) when your property’s assessed value drops.  Recall that (somewhat oversimplified) your Mill Levy (times) your assessed property value determines what you pay.

Let’s have a look at Eagle County’s Property Tax Mill Levy 2011 vs. 2012 – you’ll see these Mill Levy numbers on your Property Tax bill soon.

Recall the School District’s request for a permanent Property Tax increase – Ballot issue 3B, November 2011.  Result?  Defeated.

Fact is – Eagle County Schools Property Tax Mill Levy 19.474 (2011) vs. 21.601 (2012)

How can this be, after a “no” vote, you ask?  The main reason the ECT has been told is because of the legally required “Debt Service” on our School District’s $230 Million in long term Bonds.  Be sure to thank Ms. Louise Funk and her friends, next time you see Louise.

Here are a few more increasing Mill Levy numbers you’ll see printed on your 2012 Property Tax bill – depending on where you live.

Cordillera Mountain Metropolitan District – 33.273 (2011) vs. 60.728 (2012)

Cordillera Metropolitan District  – 19.663 (2011) vs. 26.535 (2012)

Commissioner Jon Stavney’s neighborhood in Eagle…

Eagle Ranch Metro District – 28.719 (2011) vs. 38.00 (2012)

What of the Westin Resort Hotel and Residences in Avon?

Avon Station Metro District – 45.00 (2011) vs. 58.00 (2012)

Gypsum –

Cotton Ranch Metro District – 39.274 (2011) vs. 63.166 (2012)

Wolcott – Bellyache Neighborhood

Red Sky Ranch Metro District – 45.00 (2011) vs. 65.00 (2012)

The ECT folks could go on and on…

Bottom Line?  While most Eagle County Property Tax payers can expect to see a smaller overall Property Tax bill in 2012 – it’s NOT going to be as big a reduction as you might have expected.

Proof positive again that the Tax Man will always put his interests ahead of your interests – every time.

For a complete list for of all Eagle County’s so called ‘taxing authorities’ and their 2011 vs. 2012 Mill Levy’s (Click Here) Microsoft Excel format.


3 responses

  1. I have been a loud opponent of ECT. But I have to say, this is solid.

    That even when property values are 50% down (at least), our property taxes don’t drop accordingly. Property tax money down? No problem, we’ll raise the mill levy. I agree, this is bunk.

    But if you look at who’s in charge of these Metro Districts, you’ll see plenty of Republicans. So it’s also bunk to constantly pin spending and taxes on the Dems, when the Republicans are just as guilty. Perhaps even more so, in most of these Metro Districts.

    But there’s a much bigger picture here. Last night on CNN, Andrew Brietbart said it great:

    When asked, “Who are you endorsing”? He answered, “Nobody”.

    He went on to state what’s really happened these past 3 years in the Republican Party. Which is, that the Tea Party’s effort has been essentially wasted, their message swallowed up and muted by the powers that be in the Republican Party. The Tea Party’s message has been “utterly destroyed”, according to Breitbart.

    “The Republican Establishment has taken back control of the Republican Party”, Breitbart said.

    Say what you want about Breitbart, but most of the time he’s right on.

    So it’s great that ECT is bringing stories like this to the forefront. But as long as ECT refuses to look at its own party and call bs, it’s hard for me to be supporter.

    Readers of this site should see that our government has been taken over by big money and big business. The answer is not to throw everyone out, then replace them with “fresh Republicans”, as what happened in 2010. No, that’s not it. As long as that thinking goes on, expect more of the same. Instead, seek candidates who aren’t funded by big money and who will remain true to party principles.

    So good job ECT for writing this story. Good start. Now how about quit being a homey and take off your “Rose Colored Republican” glasses?

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