The Strange Case of – Local PR

by the fans of – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Fact is everyone (even companies) are entitled to their own view.  The ECT can say, even if you work for the Public Relations department for the largest Ski Resort company in Eagle County.  Actually the – VR director of public affairs for Eagle County to be more precise.

Background in the case:  In the October-November time frame last fall Vail Resort’s decided they wanted to support the Permanent Property Tax Increase Ballot issue known to Eagle County voters as 3B.

So be it.  The ECT didn’t agree with VR on this one, but they as well as the ECT are entitled to our different opinions.

Now – fast forward two months, to this past week in Eagle County.

So?  So, one of the biggest Public Relations voices (in VR’s PR department) had their $994,000.00 Vail home go into Foreclosure – just listed on the County’s web site.  Turns out she and her hubby – entered (Public Record) the home foreclosure process – just same as 615 folks in Eagle County did in 2011.

Consider – the legal Foreclosure process is a lengthy one in Colorado.  After you’re unable to pay your mortgage, it takes weeks (often many months actually) before your mortgage company files with the Public Trustees Office in Eagle County.

Point is:   It is extremely likely that female employee of VR hadn’t been able to afford her home’s mortgage – all during the time frame she and others in PR department were (insisting) all the rest of us – need to pay more of our hard earned money – support this Permanent Property Tax increase.

Does this seem quite right to you, reasonable person?  Just what business does any person have telling the rest of us – we need to pay more property taxes (forever) knowing full well that they (the PR messenger) can no longer afford to pay their own mortgage?

What does this suggest about the integrity of the information (positions?) being put out – by the Vail Resorts Public Relations department, lately?

You decide.

Fact is – none of us want to see any more Home Foreclosures in Eagle County, especially when a family has 3 children.  The ECT has deliberately withheld the name of this VR employee in this report because the ECT’s intent is not to embarrass this person/family publically – rather make a point about what we’re hearing these days from the PR department at VR…or anywhere else that engages in this kind of (disingenuous?) conduct.

For the record the ECT doesn’t know if VR directed this person to take that public position – or not.  The ECT did try to find out, however the PR department at VR was not forthcoming with an answer to the ECT’s question.  The ECT asked twice.  No answer to the question.  Imagine that.

For those readers who wish to know just who this employee is can (Click Here) – the ECT won’t volunteer that name in print – the reader has to [Click] to read that public record information for themselves.  The number to look for in the list is 12-004



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