Big Government vs. Vail Resorts (et al)

by Clayton Moore

There’s nothing quite like watching left leaning individuals and (Corporations?) – get a taste of their own medicine from ‘their friend’ Big Government.

Today – ‘Big Government’ is represented by (actually is) the liberal democrat Obama Administration.  In this specific case – the U.S. Forest Service

The CEO of Vail Resorts is a registered Democrat and has contributed (as is his right) to Democrat candidates of his choice in earlier elections.

They you might ask…why (in this most recent case) is ‘Big Government’ – “making a play” for the water/water rights that Vail Resorts (and other western Ski Resorts) use today to make snow for their Resorts.

The short answer is – there’s a lot of MONEY involved that the Federal Government (via the Forest Service) seems determined to get their hands on..

Consider:  Ski Industry (mostly out west) obviously uses a lot of water to make snow.  Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, Montana, California – collectively, that’s a lot of Federal water rights on Forest Service land.

Another interesting partisan question is…where have the two democrat U.S. Senators (Udall/Bennet) from Colorado been (working?) on this issue?  Why aren’t these Senators (and others) running some sort of (interference?) into the Forest Service’s (water desires/grab) in their home State?  If they have been – then those alleged efforts haven’t proven to be very effective – now have they?  Hence the Forest Service news this week.  Where is U.S. Representative Jared Polis (CO-D) on this issue?  Oh yes, the ECT forgot – trying to limit our access to Forest Service land – via his “Hidden Gems” proposal.

Polis, it would seem, is the perfect pawn for the wants and desires of “Big Daddy Government” in these land/water rights matters.

The lesson that the ECT would like the young CEO from Vail Resorts to learn from this – is – at the end of the day Big Government will always move in the direction of its interests (control & money) ahead of the interests of individuals it purports to represent.

Another clear indication of why Government at all levels, Mr. Katz needs to be limited.  When does Government “get too big” you might ask – when it starts putting it’s interests ahead of the interest of its Citizenry – that’s when, Mr. Katz.



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  1. Environmentalism is a watermelon: green on the outside and red — as in Marxism — on the inside (and the green is often little more than the color of money). Eco-Marxists made VRI pay $5 million for the “environmental study” done as a part of the approval process for the Blue Sky Basin expansion. At $100 a lift ticket, that’s 50,000 skier-days just to pay off environmental extortionists.

    Marxist elitists eventually eat their own, but only after using same to attain a high level of automonous power. VRI is a just a morsel to them. Tasty but hardly substantiative. GM and Citibank are much more filling.

    One might also ask why eco-Marxists allowed our the region’s forests to be eaten alive by the pine beetle? What would Euall Gibbons have said? Haven’t the eco-kooks heard the pine trees screaming in pain for more than a decade? Most likely, these insane nihilists view the dead trees as kindling for the fires they will start one day to avenge the human impact on the land.

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