Dirty Politics – DNC Style

by No fan of Cindi Lauper

Why has the “Unaffiliated” voter become the largest Registered block of Eagle County, Colorado voters over the past few years?

The ECT will show you this short (60 second) video – that helps explain why.

The DNC (Democratic National Committee) took membership money and just produced this 2012 TV AD about candidate Mitt Romney’s position on today’s issues in the 2012 Presidential race.

All of Romney’s comments were taken out of context.  Cindi Lauper obviously had to give her permission for her song to be used in this wildly misleading AD.

Keep in mind this is just the beginning of misleading advertising by the DNC.  With over $1 Billion dollars available to run a 2012 Presidential campaign, you can bet the DNC is just warming up with these kinds of Ads.

The “Unaffiliated” voter rolls in Eagle County, Colorado (suggest?) a large block (actually the largest block) of Voters don’t care for this type of campaigning either.

Good.  The ECT reader is left to decide for themselves if the ‘true colors’ of today’s DNC leadership ‘come shining through’ in this Ad.


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