From the Street –

by Crusin’ the Lift Line

From the Street?  Well actually the Vista Bahn lift line in Vail, Colorado.

Actually the ECT folks a bit surprised riding the Chairlift this past weekend.  While the ongoing Forest Service vs. Vail Resorts ‘water-rights’ battle continues…the evidence shown below shows that our friends at Vail Resorts have apparently gotten their Forest Service approval for the new proposed Gondola to replace Vail’s Vista Bahn lift this (Spring/Summer?)  (Click on the Photo to Enlarge it)

Photographed here are several trees just to the left of Vail’s Vista Bahn lift that have been cut down.  Yes, the ECT folks saw the tree cutting Chain Saw at work this past weekend.  These cut trees line the entire path up to Mid-Vail  just to the left of the existing VB lift.

There can be little doubt that this extensive work is related to Vail’s new Gondola out of Vail Village.

What the ECT learned from an Environmentalist from the Aspen Ski Company this past week – is that it’s easier (and more environmentally friendly) to remove/drag the trees out in the Winter – than when there is no Snow…turns out when there’s no Snow the “underbrush” sustains much more damage during the removal process.  It is the nature of the ECT folks to ask a lot of questions even when riding a chairlift.

Winter it seems is a more environmentally friendly time to cut and remove trees, then in the middle of the Summer…provided of course you’ve got the Permits to do this from the good old U.S. Forest Service…

No doubt somebody at VR has their hands on those Forest Service Permits….


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