Understanding Eagle County’s Public School Funding Process

by the local Truant Officer, pay attention Ms. Funk

You really should understand this Public School Funding process.

How does the State of Colorado (Eagle County) Fund Public Schools?

Each year the Colorado State Legislature sets a (per public school student) rate at which Colorado Public Schools get their Funding.

That money comes from 2 Primary Funding Sources.

First, In Eagle County’s case your Eagle County Property Tax Bill – item – “RE50J School Dist, 015 -” and it’s associated Property Tax Levy that’s printed on your annual Property Tax bill.

Second, the State of Colorado

Eagle County’s Treasurer’s Office is (statutorily) required to U.S. Mail you, your Property Tax bill – and collect that money.  Some of us pay our annual Property Taxes by writing the check, others have their home Mortgage company write that check on your behalf.

KNOW THIS:  Every single penny of the Property Taxes collected in Eagle County by the County Treasurer (under the RE50J School Dist, 015) heading is handed over by the County Treasurer 100% to the Eagle County School District.  Our Eagle County School District harvests MILLIONS in Property Taxes each year – and does NOT give one dime of that money, back to the State of Colorado!  What Property Taxes for Education that are collected in each State School District – stays in that School District.

Here is where Public School Funding in the Colorado gets a bit tricky because of the State Funding laws on the books….Example;

Let’s say there are 6000 registered Public School students in Eagle County for the 2012 School year.

Let’s say the Colorado State legislature sets the (2012) per Public School student funding at $5,000.00/per student

Maximum Total Dollars that Eagle County can spend on Education = 6k x 5k = $30 Million in what the State Legislature defines as “Total Program Education Funding” for 2012.

Further, let’s say the Treasurer’s Office harvests ($25 Million) via local Eagle County Property Taxes collected and hands that entire amount to the Eagle County School District.

Finally, the Eagle County School District can (legally) expect $5 Million in additional funding from the State of Colorado, based on the State Legislatures Funding Rules.

Based on this annual legal Funding model Pitkin and Eagle County’s receive far, far less State Funding for Education than does Lake County (read: Leadville)

Obviously, Eagle County School District (School Bonds – $230 Million to be exact) is not part of this legal formula, which is why (for the most part) your Eagle County RE50J School Dist, 015 – Tax Levy printed on this years Property Tax bill will be HIGHER this year than last.  In 2011 19.474 vs in 2012  21.61 (Click Here)

To add to the complexity of State Education Funding District’s with “special needs students” those Districts can expect additional State funds to meet the needs (transportation, et al) of these students.

The THINKING person reading this now…is asking themselves the obvious and reasonable question…”Why vote for a Permanent Property Tax Increase in Eagle County when (arguably) all that does is cost our local Taxpayers more money to “lower the amount” the State gives to Eagle County – each year?

Why indeed.

As of this writing, the ECT has not completed research of Colorado’s Charter School Funding process and will reserve comment on that Charter School process – till the ECT has completed that research.

Further – Eagle County’s elected Treasurer – Karen Sheaffer W 970.328.8868 and Eagle County School District’s Chief Financial Officer – Phil Onofrio W 970.328.6321 contributed heavily to this report – in order to assure the ECT’s accuracy.

The ECT would formally like to thank both Karen and Phil for their help in this ECT report.


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