Vail Ski Patrol – National Safety Awareness Week – 2012

by Radio Reference 101 and Bikram Choudhury

Dateline:  Vail, Colorado;  January 14-20th 2012

Vail Ski Patrol:  Safety is no Accident (Click on the ECT’s photo to Enlarge it)

(Left) Mike from Los Alamos, NM and (right) Mariah of Vail Ski Patrol.  If you’re up for the stretch – you can petition to join Mariah’s Yoga class during the week – at the Vail Athletic Club.

If you look closely you can see that the Vail Ski Patrol is not limited by their old fashion Motorola Passport LTR radios – pictured here is a small portable HAM Radio that works with the (SCARC – Ski Country Amateur Radio Club’s) Vail, Mountain Repeater system.  It also knows how to listen to Ski Patrol too!

No technology is overlooked to help promote National Safety Awareness Week on Vail Mountain!

Pictured below here is the Digital Dame Dugan – Sue Dugan to be precise – hailing all the way from New South Wales, Australia.  Sue’s doesn’t use her hand-held Radio Frequency device to Talk – Sue uses it to Scan your EpicMix Pass when you head up from Vista Bahn on Vail Mountain!  Insiders know Sue has a Sweet Tooth – and if you’re especially good during your morning Scan – you may get to find out just what that means when you meet Sue early in the morning!  Pass on a Hello to Sue next time you see her – and tell Sue you saw her photo in the ECT!

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