Conservatism – On the move in our Country

by Clayton Moore

Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina Primary by an amazing margin.  44% (243,153 votes) to second place 27% (167,279) Mitt Romney.

Gingrich’s campaign doesn’t have as much money (yet?) as his number one opponent does.

There can be little question that Gingrich’s performance benefited greatly from his remarks at the last GOP debate (last Thursday nite) before last Saturday’s Primary.  CNN hosted that debate and the opening question of that debate was asked by CNN reporter – John King.

For those who missed that amazing 2:29 seconds of Presidential debate you can watch the YouTube video of that speech, here at the ECT.

“I am tired of the elite media protecting Barack Obama by attacking Republicans” – Newt Gingrich

Gingrich responds to John King’s question…The video shows the standing ovation Gingrich got making his remarks.  If readers have any doubt about Conservatives supporting Newt Gingrich you can visit his web site and see who is – Newt.Org

Florida is the next Primary Election for GOP candidates set for – Tuesday, January 31st 2012.


2 responses

  1. Finally! Finally one of these hopefuls stands up to the trash that calls themselves the media and points out how dispicable they are and how protective they are of BHO! Quite frankly, I think every candidate should continue to do this and perhaps, the media will start to report the news in an unbiased way. Perhaps they will dig a little deeper into the cesspool that is the Obama administration and stop covering up for our failing President and his corrupt followers.

  2. “Voters wanted: Alive, not dead”

    The Post and Courier newspaper, SC-Monday, January 16, 2012

    Discovering that more than 900 people listed as deceased voted recently in South Carolina is alarming at any time.

    But it is particularly problematic when people already are focused on possible voter fraud as it relates to a controversial state law that would require voters to show photo IDs.

    And it is problematic when some voters are already skeptical about the accuracy of the state’s voting machines.

    Read More:

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