Federal Agents enforce Federal Drug Law – in San Diego

by law biding citizens

Federal Drug law was enforced by Federal Agents in San Diego, California last week.  Agents, raided and closed Pot Shops (a.k.a – Medical Marijuana Dispensary).

These Pot Shops were notified 45 days earlier that they were in violation of the law – and told to close.  They did not, and Feds raided and closed them down.

More Federal Drug Raids are expected this coming week in San Diego.

The Pot Shops currently operating in Eagle County, Colorado are also illegal under the same Federal Drug laws.  It is not known here at the ECT how long it will be before these Pot Shops are raided and closed as well.

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  1. Finally–


    Jan. 22, 2012 – Pot-based prescription drug looks for FDA OK

    A British pharmaceutical company is working its way toward FDA approval for the world’s first prescription drug developed from raw marijuana-.

    GW Pharma has developed a mouth spray called Sativex that contains marijuana’s two best known components_delta 9-THC and cannabidiol. It’s already been approved in Canada, New Zealand and eight European countries for relieving muscle spasms associated with multiple sclerosis.

    The company is in advanced clinical trials to get its product approved in the United States as a treatment for severe cancer pain.


    • ECT’s goal is to inform.Our Daily Fishwrap accepts print advertising from these Eagle County Pot Shops – so the Fishwrap WON’T inform folks about the truth about what is going on – about enforceing Federal Drug Law.

      ECT is only telling the truth about what is happeing today.

      The Fishwrap has little interest in that.

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