Get your Point Across – Here at the ECT

by Clayton Moore and the ECT team

People read the ECT.  Over 120,000 readers in 2011 alone.  Not bad for an online news weekly.

If you have a story – or an exceptionally well-reasoned argument – the ECT would like to hear from you – and put your story online.

The ECT especially likes Articles that have support documentation to back up the information in your story.  [Click Here’s] as they’re known around here.  Be sure to include that information with your Article.

The ECT’s moniker at the top of our newspaper states “the ECT is dedicated to informing people who have to think for their living”.

ECT happy to print/debate opinions from both side of the local political spectrum.

ECT is not going to debate Pot Shops.  That issue isn’t going to get solved here – and the ECT is not going to give space to that issue.

Let us know!  Email the ECT at  Staff@EagleCountyTimes-dotcom


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